Cleaning Tips: How to Efficiently Clean Your Kitchen

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Does it sometimes feel like ALL you’re doing is cleaning, all day every day? That’s because you probably are. There comes a point in life when the house is full of kids and animals and it is a constant battle to maintain just a basic clean.  What happened to the days of living alone in a small apartment when free time was spent eating food and watching TV?  If you keep up on daily cleaning there is hope that the weekends can be spent relaxing. Here are some daily tips that will make it EASY to keep your kitchen clean. 

  • Clean and put dishes away immediately.  Don’t let glasses and plates pile up in the sink, it only encourages more piling up. When a meal is finished, dishes should go directly into the dishwasher and pots and pans scrubbed and left out to dry. 
  • Wipe down the counters once a day – after breakfast! This sounds weird, most people wait and do it after dinner, however then the kitchen is clean while you sleep and that is it. If you do it after breakfast the kitchen looks and is clean for the entire day. Of course, if you make a big mess making dinner, wiping the counters is necessary, but otherwise do the cleaning first thing in the morning so you can enjoy a clean kitchen all day long.
  • Don’t procrastinate. If you notice a dirty hand print on a cabinet, stove or your fridge hardware really needs to be wiped down, DO IT.  Don’t wait until later or chances are you’ll never get to it. It takes less than a minute to tackle a dirty cabinet or fridge. Just wipe it down and get it over with. 

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  • Tackle the floors. Now that your sink is free of dishes and your counters and other miscellaneous items are clean, it’s time to quickly clean the floors. Do this whenever it suits you during the day.  To efficiently clean your floors and productively use your time use SpinWave. Your floors will look like you scrubbed them on your hands and knees, but guess what, you didn’t!

The kitchen really is an easy room to keep clean, and because most families spend a whole lot of time in their kitchens, it’s super important to have a clean room.  Your entire house will feel good if your kitchen is clean, so start there! Good Luck!