Cleaning Tips For Pet Parents

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Whether it's hair on the floor, stains on the carpet or just a funky smell, pet parents deal with  some special messes. You consider your furry friends part of the family, but is it even possible to keep a clean house with them around? Here at BISSELL, we have pet cleaning tips and tricks down to a science, and we actually use science to come up with the best cleaning solutions for pet messes. 

Here’s what we recommend to keep your home fur-free and smelling fresh:

  • Vacuum daily to keep hair at bay.

You love your pet's shiny coat, but hate the furballs it leaves on your kitchen floor. Keep ahead of the inevitable shedding by lightly vacuuming everyday - before it starts to pile up. A lightweight and easy to access vacuum is key. Try our Bolt, it stores conveniently, is cordless, and can be grabbed for those daily quick clean ups around your kitchen and halls.

  • Vacuum weekly for a deeper clean.

Keep your house in tip-top shape by vacuuming once a week with a vacuum designed specifically with pets in mind. The BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser has a tangle free brush roll that will keep hair from getting wrapped around it, and when you’re done, you can empty it without touching the hair inside.

  • Tackle stains as they happen.

If you leave pet accidents untreated, you run the risk of urine salts bleaching spots in carpet dye. It's best to tackle stains as they happen - or as soon as you notice. Don't have time to scrub on your hands and knees? You might appreciate a hands-free carpet cleaner that removes stains at the push of a button, while you get on with your busy day.

  • Roll out the big machine

To keep your carpets looking nice and new, it's essential to give them a deep cleaning every now and then. It's even more important if you have pets in the house! For stale stains and persistent odors, clean carpets with a pet carpet cleaner designed to tackle pet stains and smells.


  • Have a plan of attack for stinky smells

Every once in awhile, pets get into something they shouldn't, and the smell doesn't stay outside. Get rid of it by using a stain and odor remover that’s safe for kids and pets, but also permanently removes stinky smells from your carpet.

If you keep these tips in mind, the only spots you’ll see in your house will be on your pet’s coat! If they have spots, of course. Otherwise, it might be time for a bath…