Best Way to Clean Tile Floors

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Tile floors are a durable and functional floor type to have in your home, which is probably why we’re starting to see more of it in our homes, but it’s not just on the floor anymore. By now you’ve probably seen those trendy subway tiles on kitchen backsplashes or in showers and thought to yourself, maybe I’d like to add some tile to my home. And we’re all for it, especially since tile cleaning is easy (we made sure of it), and we’ll prove it in this post.

As far as ceramic and porcelain tile floors are concerned, a good rule of thumb is anytime something spills on them, clean it up right away. That’s the first lesson on how to clean ceramic tile floors. It doesn’t need to be a deep clean – just a quick swipe of a paper towel over that spilled coffee will do if you’re already rushing out the door. But what about deeper or larger tile cleanings? In this post we’ll walk you through how to clean porcelain tile, how to clean ceramic tile and how to clean all those other tiles on the floors and walls.

How to Clean Tile Floors 101

If we were to write this post a few decades ago, we’d encourage you to use a mop and bucket to clean your floors, but that’s not the case anymore. As the saying goes, times are a-changin’ and so is the way we clean. It still takes water and cleaning formula to give tile floors a thorough clean, but now there’s a few more easy methods out there. Before we get to that, there are some things you can do to prepare for the washing stage. Removing dry debris from the tile floors is the first step, and we offer several ways to help you clean up that debris. We have a range of basic floorcare products like brooms, dusters and sweepers that are great for quick pickups on tile floors, but our lineup of hard floorcare cleaners extends a lot further than those.

When you’re removing dry debris off tile floors, we suggest grabbing a stick vac. Our Adapt™ Ion Pet 2 in 1 has a brush roll you can turn off when cleaning ceramic tile floors. It also folds two different ways to better clean under and around obstacles. It’s a good idea to use your stick vac every few days to keep your tile floors looking their best.

Then, every week or so, we recommend washing your floors with one of our innovative wash products or a steam mop. Both have their benefits. Steam, for example, uses water to give tile a natural clean. Our wash products, on the other hand, use a specialized multi-surface formula that’s safe to use around kids and pets to remove dirt and grime on tile floors. This formula was made for CrossWave® machines which vacuum and wash tile floors at the same time, saving you time while cleaning. It also works in SpinWave®, another innovative machine, which uses two powered spin mop pads to clean tile floors.

"I have textured tile in my kitchen, dining, and bathrooms. The only way I have found to be able to get the dirt out of the texture of the tiles... is by hand scrubbing. I came across the SpinWave® and decided to give it a try. I have completely fallen in love. It does amazingly well at cleaning my tile floor."* - Shannon, 5-star review

How to Clean Bathroom Tile

The machines above will also work great to clean the tile floors in your bathrooms, but what if you’re trying to figure out how to clean tile showers? We can help with that too! Our PowerFresh® Slim Heavy Duty Steam Mop converts into a handheld steamer that is perfect for cleaning showers. Use it with the flat surface tool to naturally clean the walls of your tile shower or use it with the bristle scrub brush to clean smaller, trickier spots where shower tiles meet the faucet.

How to Clean Tile Grout

While tile is durable, there is one major pain point when it comes to cleaning tile – the grout. We’ve had so many people ask us how to clean floor grout without scrubbing, and we have a solution that works on the floor, the kitchen backsplash and shower tile grout! Several of our steam mops convert to handheld steamers and come with a grout tool that has a lot of people raving about their results.

“ We have a very light colored title floor in the kitchen with light grout. I have tried every thing to try to clean it and nothing works, I even used straight bleach and a scrub brush , when our steam mop arrived and it had the grout tool, I put that thing wright to work and WOW WHAT A GREAT JOB IT DID.I could see the ground in dirt lift right out.”*  - Michael 5 stars

We hope this post helped you realize how easy cleaning tile and the grout between tile can be. Just remember, with a little bit of regular maintenance, and the right BISSELL tools, you can keep your tile floors (and walls) looking shiny and new for years to come.

*Reviews on as of 4/5/19. Some reviewers may have received a free product in exchange for an honest review.