Best Way to Clean Baseboards

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You see them every day, but chances are you only notice them when they’re dirty. We’re talking about your baseboards. They’re on nearly every wall, in every room of your home. So, you’ve probably wondered how to clean white baseboards, or really any color baseboards, at least once in your life. It’s something we’ve addressed for you in this guide. In it we show you the easiest way to clean baseboards by breaking down the cleaning steps into varying levels of difficulty and commitment. So, whether you’re actually looking for the easiest way to clean baseboards or are searching for something a little more involved, we have you covered.

No matter what path you choose, you need a plan of action for how to clean your baseboards. Because they’re in every room, you might go crazy if you try to clean every single baseboard in your home in one session. We suggest starting simply and tackling them one room at a time. And once you’re done actually cleaning the baseboards, you’ll realize what a big difference cleaning that little area can make.

First things first, make sure cleaning the baseboards is last on your cleaning list. We suggest doing this because cleaning agitates dirt and debris in your home, and eventually it will accumulate along the baseboards of your home. This means if you start with them, you’ll end up cleaning twice. Or even worse, you may end up with baseboards that are dirtier than when you started cleaning. Once all the other cleaning is done, grab your vacuum and its attachments. Use the crevice tool on your vacuum to clean along baseboards and into the corners where all that pet hair and dirt loves to gather. If you find that a few passes of your vacuum's crevice tool is not enough, this is where the power of steam can really shine to tackle those down low messes.

For the Serious Baseboard Cleaners

If you’re not familiar with our PowerFresh® Slim Steam Mop, prepare to be amazed. This machine lets you take the natural cleaning power of steam on and above your floors in multiple ways. When it comes to cleaning baseboards, there are two specific ways you can use this machine to your benefit. First, if you detach the foot, it becomes an extended reach surface cleaner, meaning you can steam clean baseboards without having to get on your hands and knees. The steam mop also converts into a portable handheld steam cleaner with an on-hand tool kit, allowing you to carry tools and switch them out as you clean. Plus, if you’re worried about how to clean wood baseboards safely, our steam machines are safe on sealed wood. However, we still recommend you test your steamer in an inconspicuous spot along your baseboards to make sure the steam doesn’t damage them.

Did you know you should also clean near the very bottom of baseboards where they meet your carpets? Our DeepClean DeluxeTM Pet is engineered with EdgeSweep® Bristles that do exactly what their name claims – they sweep debris along the edges of rooms while you’re cleaning your carpets. Then, just be sure to follow the steps below, so they can really shine.

For the Quick Baseboard Cleaners

Are you looking for a last-minute solution for the best way to clean baseboards with things you already have in your home? We can help with that too. For this method, all you need is a bucket, water, some dish soap, and a sponge. Mix warm water and the soap together in a bucket and wash the baseboards by hand. This gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal to any dirt that may be on your baseboards and give any areas that are particularly dirty a good scrub. After you’ve cleaned them with soap and water, feel free to dry the baseboards with a towel.

While you’re washing your baseboards by hand, you may notice the corners are particularly dirty. Don’t worry, you’re probably the only person that’s seen the dirt that up close. And what’s better, cleaning the corners is pretty easy. We recommend using a cotton swab as a baseboard cleaning tool to wipe out that hard-to-reach dirt. If you’re using the PowerFresh Slim Steam Mop, you may also consider using the bristle scrub brush attachment to steam clean those baseboard corners.

The finishing touch on cleaning baseboards is almost as quick as a trip to your laundry room. This is one of our favorite tricks. In fact, it may be the best baseboard cleaner tip out there. We’re happy we get to share it with you! Grab a dryer sheet and take it into the room where you’re cleaning baseboards. Rub the dryer sheet all along the baseboards. This simple task actually helps repel pet hair and dust from baseboards, so they stay cleaner, longer. And that means you won’t have to clean your baseboards as often.

We hope these tips helped you find an easy answer to the popular question, how to clean baseboards, in a way that fits your busy schedule!