A Little Clean Every Day Goes A Long Way

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How good does it feel to take down all your decorations and clean up your home from the Holidays? We want to help you keep that good clean feeling for the rest of the year. Not just a New Year’s resolution, but a new way to think about cleaning because, let’s face it, no one wants to spend all day Saturday cleaning their house.

So, what do we propose? Clean a little bit every day – de-clutter – no one wants to clean every day, but it helps cut down on the weekend complete cleaning overhaul. Here are some things you can do every day that are easy, not very time consuming, and will seriously make your house feel clean daily.

  • Rise & Shine - Get up and make your bed. It starts your day out with the right attitude. And helps your bedroom looks complete and put together. 

  • Put away clothes that you decide not to wear right away, and hang up your clothes when you get home from work
  • If it only takes a minute to clean something, just clean it. (Wipe down kitchen counters, take out the garbage, wipe down your bathroom vanity).

  • Take things with you when you leave your room. Grab your cup off the coffee table and detour to the kitchen. Take the socks off the floor and bring them to your room. Bring your water cup from your nightstand downstairs in the morning.  It’s the little things that can make a big difference.

  • Deal with the mail when you bring it in the house. If you go through it immediately, it won’t pile up.

  • Always Within Reach - Keep cleaning products and cloths in different places around the house. They don’t just have to be under the kitchen sink. Then you can clean where you are without having to go find what you need.

  • Do a nightly 10 minute declutter – straighten up the coffee table, deal with any counter clutter, pick up stray toys, and clean up your closet.

  • Feeling crumb-y? Vacuum your kitchen floor every night to get crumbs picked up. It only takes two minutes, maybe even faster with a cordless vacuum!

  • Clean up your kitchen before you turn in for the night. Counters, dishes, dishwasher… wake up to a clean kitchen in the morning.

Clean smarter, not harder in 2019.