A Home Cleaning Schedule Even the Busiest Families Will Love

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Raise your hand if you have a busy schedule during the week. That’s what we thought. You can put your hand down now. How many times have you found yourself vowing to create, and stick to, some sort of weekly house cleaning schedule? We’ve been there too. A weekly cleaning schedule is a lot like a New Year’s Resolution. It sounds great during the cold winter months, and it actually works well for the first few weeks, but come the fourth or fifth week you may start to find yourself lagging. We got sick of feeling like our house cleaning schedules were a failure, so we put together the ultimate cleaning routine to help keep our spaces sparkling clean every day of the week.

We made this guide realistic, because we know this may not work for everyone, especially if you try and follow it line by line. That’s why we want you to use this cleaning routine as a guide to create the best house cleaning schedule that works for you and your family. Below you’ll find a few tasks we suggest accomplishing each day. Almost all of them can be done in the morning before your day gets started, or at night, when you’re winding down.

Monday: Dusting

Ease into it. Go around the house and dust. There’s no reason to make Mondays worse than they already can be. This really shouldn’t take longer than 15 to 20 minutes. Grab a dry rag and some cleaner and go to town. Wipe down mirrors, tables, furniture, TV screens, appliances, fans, picture frames, and anything else you can find that seems to collect dust throughout the week.

Tuesday: Bathroom

This room gets its own day because it’s an important one. It’s where you clean yourself, so it makes sense to keep it as clean as possible. Plus, it can sometimes take a little extra work to clean the bathroom. That’s why we like to get it done on the earlier days of the week, so we don’t have to dread cleaning it all week. Make it easier and quicker to clean by keeping your supplies right in the bathroom. This way you’re not running all around the house trying to gather what you need.

Wednesday: Kitchen

Since the bathroom gets its own day, we thought the kitchen should have one as well. The kitchen is another important room in your home, and honestly, most times it’s just as hard to keep clean as the bathroom. Take 20 minutes at night, or in the morning, to scrub the sink, disinfect the counters, wipe all the appliances, check for expired food and run the dishwasher. Those are just a few of the quick upkeeps we think should be added to your weekly house cleaning schedule to help things in the kitchen, and your whole home, running smooth.

Thursday: Floors

We always have fun with this one, because we have so many ways to help you clean your floors. Listing them all would take days and time away from your household cleaning schedule. So, do us a favor and check out our product selector to find out which of our innovative products you should be using for the floors in your home. They’re engineered by people who understand how busy and messy life gets. Meaning no matter what you choose, our products will help you clean up messes faster, so you can get back to enjoying your busy, and sometimes hectic, life. Our products will help you vacuum or wash the week’s dirt away.

Friday + Saturday: Kick Back

You’ve worked hard the last four days, so by Friday, we know you need a break. We give ourselves Friday and Saturday off because, if we’re being honest, who likes to clean on a Friday or Saturday night? It’s also a way to give ourselves a little breathing room when it comes to accomplishing everything listed above. Let’s say you’re at work late on Tuesday, and you just don’t have the energy to get that bathroom cleaned. Don’t sweat it. Switch your ‘off’ day to Tuesday and get it done Friday. These are also good days to plan bigger cleaning tasks that don’t need to be done each week. Just make sure to save those for a Friday and/or Saturday when your calendar is clear, so you still have time to relax.

Sunday: Laundry

What better way to ease into next week than with clean clothes? You’ve already got a clean house because you’ve stuck to your household cleaning schedule. Take Sunday to wash a few loads of laundry, so you can start the week with plenty of outfit options.

We hope these tips helped you to start thinking about what kind of house cleaning routine works best for you and your family. We have a good feeling that once you do, you’ll notice a big difference in how clean your house can be, and how clean it stays. You may even find yourself wondering why you didn’t implement a house cleaning routine years ago.