A Complete Guide to Steam Cleaning at Home

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We get this question a lot: what does it mean to clean with steam? It may be a lesser known method, but believe us, it’s a great solution if you’re searching for an eco-friendly clean. Steam cleaning is perfect for homes with kids and pets, as it works to deodorize and sanitize both hard and soft surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals. If that sounds like something you’d like to try out in your home, let’s dive into a complete steam cleaning guide from the experts at BISSELL. 

  1. Getting Started
  2. First things first, put away the mop and bucket and invest in a steam mop. If you’re just getting your feet wet, start with a simple and effective machine (like the PowerFresh® Deluxe) to get the job done. Once you’ve selected a steam mop to use, you’ll save time and money by eliminating trips to the store for cleaning solutions and disposable mops—after all, steam cleaning requires just two things: water and a dirty surface. 

  3. Steam Cleaning Hard Surfaces  
  4. Between furry family members tracking in dirt and little people splattering spaghetti sauce on the floor, the hard surfaces in our homes can get really messy, really fast. Steam cleaning works on sealed hard floors—hardwood, tile, stone, laminate, marble, ceramic and linoleum—to eliminate 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria if used as directed. On most steam mops, there will be an option to choose which level of steam to clean floors. Use the high steam mode on durable floors or sticky messes and the low option for hardwood floors or for everyday cleaning. Washable mop pads will keep you tackling messes over and over again; and if you think you’ll miss that fresh clean scent other methods leave behind, some machines have the option to add a scented disc.   

  5. Pet Mess? No Problem  
  6. Shedding is a fact of life for homeowners with pets. That’s why a machine that performs double duty—powerful vacuuming and steam cleaning at the same time—can be a great solution. With pets and kids running around, life gets hectic, so knocking out two steps at the touch of a button is a true timesaver. As for other pet messes that are bound to happen, some steam mops use disposable mop pads so you can simply throw them in the trash.

  7. Cleaning More Than the Floor  
  8. Your floors are now squeaky clean, thanks to your new steam mop—but did you know you can use the same machine to tackle messes in places other than the floor? Some steam mops also include a removable handheld steamer, complete with a selection of tools for keeping surfaces like counters, toilets, tubs, windows and sinks clean. What’s more, these tools can be used to tackle tough-to-clean surfaces like pet beds, curtains, couches, stuffed animals and kids’ toys.