5 Summer Cleaning Essentials for 2020

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In what feels like was the blink of an eye, we’ve made it halfway through summer. The Fourth of July came and went, and before we know it, we’ll be celebrating Labor Day. But don’t worry, there are still plenty of days left to enjoy summer this year. We’re willing to bet you’ve already seen a lot of summer messes, and in the coming weeks, we expect you’ll see many more.

Kids and Dogs

We know we’re not the only ones anticipating the sticky, melty messes, so we rounded up our favorite cleaning products that will let you focus on enjoying the sunshine, and not the hot messes it often time brings.

1. INSTAclean

Summer messes can happen in an instant, so shouldn’t you be able to take care of them in an instant? With INSTAclean you can! Watch it remove wine, blood, grass stains, and so much more in 30 seconds. It’s also a great laundry pretreat. Just be sure to test it on an inconspicuous part of your clothing first to check for colorfastness. Next, spray it on the stain and let it work its pretreating magic until your next laundry day.

Kids and Dogs

2. ICONpet® Pro Cordless Vacuum

Most of the time, our trip to the beach doesn’t fully stay at the beach. Sand likes to hitch a ride home with us, and sometimes it just stays on the mats in our cars, but other times it makes its way inside our homes. We love breaking out our ICONpet® Pro to suck up sand wherever it’s hiding. It works as both a full-size and a handheld vacuum with a flexible crevice tool to get sand out of the nooks and crannies. The full-size stick vacuum also features a special microfiber soft floor brush roll that gently and effectively removes sand from your hard floors.

3. CrossWave® Cordless Max Multi-Surface Wet Dry Vac

You want to know what we find oddly satisfying? We not-so-secretly get excited when there’s a melted, sticky mess on the floor, like from a popsicle or ice cream, because that means we get to watch our CrossWave® Cordless Max go to work. We can’t help but smile every time we let our CrossWave vacuum up a mess AND wash that mess at the same time! There’s something about watching a machine do twice the work for you that delights us to no end. Did we mention it works to refresh area rugs, too?

4. OXY Stain Destroyer Pet Spot & Stain Formula

Our Oxy Stain Destroyer Pet formula is another must-have spot and stain solution we like to have in our cabinets during the summer months. It uses the same OXY technology as INSTAclean to mobilize, lift and penetrate tough summer stains like sangria, mud and grass in just 30 seconds. But unlike INSTAclean, this formula has a built-in rinsible brush that you can use to scrub away especially tough stains.

If you have specific concerns about your dog and a condition he or she may have and how it could contribute to heatstroke factors, don’t hesitate to call your vet and ask – they’re there to help!

5. Pet Stain Eraser Portable Carpet Cleaner

So many of the messes we mentioned above (grass, melted popsicles, ice cream) can be quickly taken care of with a few quick sprays of INSTAclean or OXY Stain Destroyer Pet, but sometimes the messes left behind by those stains require a little more help. That’s why Pet Stain Eraser is on our list of summer cleaning must-haves, too. It’s perfect for quickly removing stains on upholstery or carpet. You can just grab it and get to work – spray, scrub and suction up the stain. So, when sunscreen somehow ends up on the couch this summer, this will be your new best friend!

No matter what messes summer sends your way, the essentials above will help you quickly clean them with little effort, so you can spend time enjoying these fleeting summer moments – not the messes.