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A favorite perk for some Associates at BISSELL Headquarters is the fact that we are a pet-friendly workplace. That means on any given day you can walk the halls and encounter nearly a dozen dogs working alongside their parents. One dog Associates often have the pleasure of seeing during the work day is Moose. Just last month, the rescued English Springer Spaniel celebrated his sixth birthday!

Our pets are our best friends, there’s no doubt about that. There’s nothing like having a pet by our side, especially during the challenging times we’re in. We know pets have a positive impact on humans in times of stress, and scientists have actually linked the release of oxytocin to human interactions with dogs.

One Associate who takes advantage of the pet perk is Gene, who works as an analyst and brings Maggie, his English Black Lab, to work with him often.

BISSELL has a long-standing partnership with Puppy Bowl and is bringing the MVP award to the show this year.

One dog who’s a regular around here is Jem. While her dad, BISSELL Associate Colin, spends his day working as a Senior Industrial Designer, Jem spends hers getting attention from Colin’s fellow Associates.

Here at BISSELL® Headquarters, there are some dogs everyone knows because they’re here almost every day. Jay Gatsby is one of them. The 6-year-old German Shepherd mix goes by a few names besides his full name; a lot of people call him just Jay, Jay-Jay or Gatsby. His mom, BISSELL Associate Devyn adopted him back in 2013. Devyn says when she met Jay, he was pretty sick and needed a loving forever home as he worked to get back to full health, so that’s exactly what she gave him.

At BISSELL®, we’re passionate about all things pet. That includes rescuing pets and making it easier to be a pet owner. That’s why so many of our pet products don’t just clean up after pets, they also give you the opportunity to help a homeless pet find a forever home. The passion we at BISSELL have for pets is apparent in so many aspects of our day to day, including our pet friendly workplace policy. On any given day, you can walk through the halls of our headquarters and see a dozen or so dogs working alongside their owners. Most days, Hugo and his mom, BISSELL Associate Liz are included in that group.

It’s safe to say we celebrate National Puppy Day every day at BISSELL! In fact, as a pet-friendly workplace, we actually celebrate pets every day. One pet that’s celebrated at our office is sweet Tsuki. The adorable Goldendoodle started coming to work with her dad, BISSELL Associate Jeff, when she was just a year old. Now, at almost three years old, Tsuki is considered a regular in the halls of BISSELL headquarters.

October is Adopt a Shelter Pet Month, so what better time to talk about all the great work BISSELL Pet Foundation® (BPF) is doing? First, you should know, BISSELL® and BISSELL Pet Foundation® share more than just part of their name.

At BISSELL, we have an open-door pet policy, meaning they can come to work every day. It’s not uncommon to see Associates walking their pets around our headquarters or stopping at pet friendly. BISSELL Associate Stacy and her Great Dane Hudson take advantage of our pet policy often. The 6-year-old Great Dane loves coming to work with his mom, and when it’s nice outside, the two can be seen cruising into the parking lot in Stacy’s convertible.

At BISSELL, we’re passionate about pets. They’re a huge part of everything we do, so it’s only fitting that pets are also huge part of the workday here. We let Associates bring their pets to work every day. One of those pets that frequents the halls at our headquarters is Holly.

At BISSELL, we practice what we preach. Being a pet-focused and pet-inspired company means we get to have pets at our office every day! Seeing furry friends as you walk through the office is not uncommon here at BISSELL. We wanted to introduce you to one of those pets you can find peeking out of his mom’s cubicle, Calvin.