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Our pets are our best friends, there’s no doubt about that. There’s nothing like having a pet by our side, especially during the challenging times we’re in. We know pets have a positive impact on humans in times of stress, and scientists have actually linked the release of oxytocin to human interactions with dogs.

One Associate who takes advantage of the pet perk is Gene, who works as an analyst and brings Maggie, his English Black Lab, to work with him often.

BISSELL has a long-standing partnership with Puppy Bowl and is bringing the MVP award to the show this year.

One dog who’s a regular around here is Jem. While her dad, BISSELL Associate Colin, spends his day working as a Senior Industrial Designer, Jem spends hers getting attention from Colin’s fellow Associates.

In Grand Rapids, those of us at BISSELL and much of the community are getting very excited for our annual BISSELL Blocktail Party. It’s a fun event to gather with our friends and furry companions, drink some beers, enjoy delicious ‘yappitizers’ and bid on awesome auction items all to benefit BISSELL Pet Foundation and pets in need.

Empty The Shelters started in May of 2016, and on October 14, BISSELL Pet Foundation (BPF) will hold its 9th event. Can you explain how the program came about and why it is so important to you and the foundation?

Have you ever had an idea and thought “I can actually make this happen?” That was how the BISSELL Blocktail Party happened for me. I was invited to a BISSELL-sponsored event in New York called ‘Yappy Hour’ and I brought two of my dog-loving friends with me. The entire time we were there, we couldn’t stop thinking, “we could do this to raise money in Michigan.” Yappy Hour was such a fun event to bring your dogs and meet and mingle over drinks with other Manhattanites; it was a simple idea that people loved. All we needed to do was throw a fun party in Grand Rapids and we could raise money for the humane society. It would surely be a hit – and it was. Today, all the funds go to the BISSELL Pet Foundation, which nationally supports shelters and rescues. However, the majority of funds stay in West Michigan to support animal efforts as well as spay and neuter organizations.