Show Your Vacuum Cleaner Some Love this Valentine’s Day

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It’s the month of love! Valentine’s Day is still a day to recognize those we care about, but it’s also become so much more. Thanks to Leslie Knope and her beloved Galentine’s Day celebrations (Parks and Rec fans are familiar with this reference), it’s become a time to celebrate friends, too. It can also be a day to show your furry friend some extra love – as if we don’t already show them enough, especially here at BISSELL®. With all this love in the air, it got us thinking, when was the last time you showed your vacuum cleaner some love? If the answer is never, we understand. Unfortunately, it’s not at the top of most people’s minds, but maintaining your vacuum is incredibly important. In fact, if vacuums could talk, we know their love language would be maintenance. All kidding aside, just like any piece of machinery, a vacuum (carpet cleaner or hard floor cleaner, too) requires a certain amount of maintenance, so this Valentine’s Day our gift to you is a helpful lesson on how to use and maintain the vacuum cleaner in your home!

Show Your Vacuum Cleaner Some Love

A lot of us may not know how to clean a vacuum. You may be under the impression that since it’s a tool to clean your house, there’s no need to ever clean up a vacuum cleaner. We would like to kindly inform you otherwise. Even though every vacuum cleaner usage and maintenance is different, what is generally required to keep a vacuum up and running is super similar. Below you’ll find this general overview for maintenance, and if you want specific steps for your machine we recommend visiting to search for your machine and start your own vacuum cleaner maintenance checklist.


The most important maintenance of your vacuum is to care for its filters. While every part of your vacuum plays an important role in giving its best cleaning performance, the filter (or filters) play one of the most important. Keeping your vacuum’s filter(s) clean is the best way to protect the investment you put into your machine. So, how do you clean a vacuum filter? Can you wash a vacuum cleaner filter with detergent? Can you clean vacuum filters with water? How often should you wash your vacuum filter? Can you replace a vacuum filter, if so, how often should you replace vacuum filters? There are a lot of questions surrounding this important task, and the answers vary between machines. That’s where our online support mentioned above comes in handy because it lets you find tips that are specific to your machine.

As a general rule, paper filters cannot be washed with water. They should be shaken clean. Foam filters can usually be washed by hand with soap and mild detergent, just make sure they are completely dry before you return or place them back in your vacuum. Try cleaning your filters between uses, or at least between every other use, and consider buying a new filter every 6 months or so. Trust us, your vacuum and home will be happy you did.

Brush Rolls

Lucky for you, gone are the days of having to cut hair that’s wrapped around your vacuum’s brush roll. Just ask any proud owner of one of our Pet Hair Eraser® vacuums. Those vacuums are engineered with our patented Tangle-Free Brush Roll that actively prevents the annoying hair wrap around vacuum brushes.* And since it stays so clean, it also nearly eliminates the need to ask how to clean a vacuum brush roll. But we still suggest removing your vacuum’s brush roll every so often to clean it, even if it’s a Tangle-Free one. This will help make sure nothing is trapped in your vacuum’s foot and that the actual brush roll is not damaged, two things that can seriously affect your vacuum’s performance.

*Tested per tangle-free protocol. BTP0125-A with hair length 6”-8”.

Belts and more!

If your vacuum has a belt, now is the time to check that, too. Standard vacuum cleaner belt maintenance is to check and make sure the belt is intact. If it’s broken, you can order a replacement on A clean dirt tank is another important maintenance cleaning task for your machine. Unlike the other tasks, we recommend cleaning out your dirt tank after each use. It’s quick and easy thanks to features including our Easy Empty™ Dirt Tank, like the one on our CleanView® Rewind Pet Vacuum Cleaner, which lets you empty your tank with the push of a button. An empty dirt tank will help ensure your vacuum is performing at its best, since the more debris you have in your dirt tank will put your machine at risk of losing suction power while cleaning. You should also check your vacuum’s hose every few months. Most hoses on our vacuums can be removed from the machine. Take a look all the way through the hose to see if there are any obstructions or cracks. If you see something blocking the hose, grab a broomstick and push the object through the end of the hose. If you notice a crack, order a new hose on

We love the job our vacuum does to keep our house clean, so if you want to ensure it performs to the best of its ability, now is a great chance to show it some love right back. Plus, our favorite time of year is right around the corner - spring cleaning. And believe us when we say there’s nothing like going into the season of spring cleaning with a clean machine!