Pets of BISSELL: Moose

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A favorite perk for some Associates at BISSELL Headquarters is the fact that we are a pet-friendly workplace. That means on any given day you can walk the halls and encounter nearly a dozen dogs working alongside their parents. One dog Associates often have the pleasure of seeing during the work day is Moose. Just last month, the rescued English Springer Spaniel celebrated his sixth birthday!

Moose’s mom, BISSELL Associate Mackenzie, works as an industrial designer. She says when Moose comes to work with her, he loves hanging out with her fellow designers. One of Moose’s favorite things to do while at work is sit on people’s laps, even though he may be bigger than the average lap dog. It’s one of the reasons Mackenzie describes him as the “cuddliest dog ever”. While Moose has plenty of human friends at BISSELL, he’s still working on finding fellow furry friends, which is something we are sure will happen very soon, considering there are so many furry playmates around! Whenever Moose does find his new best friend, their humans have the option of reserving the BISSELL Pet Spot together for a day.

The BISSELL Pet Spot was designed by pet parents for pet parents with the intent of making it easier to take dogs to work. Even though we allow pets to spend the day at their mom or dad’s desk, the special enclosed, pet-friendly meeting space is another option for pets who like a little more space during the day. It’s perfect for multiple dogs and their owners, since the dogs can play with each other while their owners work. It’s also great for those bigger dogs who may not feel like they have enough room to fully stretch out while spending the day deskside. The Pet Spot is complete with three private kennels with access to a fenced-in, grassy area, three remote work stations where Associates can plug in and work for the day, a large dog bath, a table for meetings, and always-stocked treat jars.

For now, Moose seems more than happy to hang with his mom at her desk during the work day. He also loves accompanying her to our onsite café to greet Associates, and their dogs, as they walk by. As a company dedicated to making pet ownership easy, BISSELL is beyond proud to offer our pet-friendly workplace policy. We know pets have a special way of brightening up the day, and Moose is no exception – just ask the Associates we spoke to who told us Moose makes you feel like you’re the most important human in the world. It’s hard to beat that kind of happiness!