Pets of BISSELL: Jay Gatsby

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Here at BISSELL® Headquarters, there are some dogs everyone knows because they’re here almost every day. Jay Gatsby is one of them. The 6-year-old German Shepherd mix goes by a few names besides his full name; a lot of people call him just Jay, Jay-Jay or Gatsby. His mom, BISSELL Associate Devyn adopted him back in 2013. Devyn says when she met Jay, he was pretty sick and needed a loving forever home as he worked to get back to full health, so that’s exactly what she gave him.

In addition to getting a loving forever home, Jay was also unofficially adopted into the Pets of BISSELL club. Jay, and all of his fellow ‘club members’ come to work with their parents at BISSELL thanks to our pet-friendly workplace policy. Under this policy, approved pets can join their parents at work. They can either sit by mom or dad at their desk or spend the day with their parent in the BISSELL Pet Spot. The Pet Spot is a special room on the BISSELL campus where pet parents can spend the day working, holding meetings and taking care of their pet. It’s complete with three working stations, private kennels, a dog bath, plenty of treats, a meeting table, and a private, fenced-in outdoor area.

Most days, Jay can be found sitting under Devyn’s desk or sitting in the hallway by her desk so he can watch people walk by. It’s hard for most Associates to walk by without petting Jay, and if he’s lucky, a few of them will stop by and give him a treat. Even though he’s mostly a desk dog, Jay loves going to visit his fellow Pets of BISSELL in the Pet Spot. He often visits Taser, Luna and Holly whenever they’re in the office. And if Devyn ever needs a dog sitter, BISSELL Associate Lauren is up for the task. She’s always there to watch Jay and take him on walks if he needs a little mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

Like most dogs, Jay absolutely loves toys. His favorite toys are tennis balls, but he’s also been known to play with things as simple as water bottles. Speaking of water, Jay is most definitely a water dog. He loves playing with his tennis balls in the water, so Michigan is the perfect place for him to live, since he’s never too far from water. Jay also has an unmatched love for treats, and his mom says he’ll do just about anything for a treat.

As if Jay wasn’t famous enough around BISSELL, this year we featured Jay and Devyn’s story on some of our CrossWave® Cordless Max packages. It’s so important for us to tell stories like theirs because they are the reason everyone at BISSELL does what they do;  pets are our number one motivation. They inspire our innovative machines that make cleaning up pet messes easier, and they’re the reason every purchase of a BISSELL product helps saves pets, just like Jay. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation® and its mission to help save homeless pets. So, when you buy a BISSELL product, you help save pets, too.