Pets of BISSELL: Hudson

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Pets are at the center of everything we do at BISSELL®, so it’s only fitting that we bring them to work with us. At BISSELL, we have an open-door pet policy, meaning they can come to work every day. It’s not uncommon to see Associates walking their pets around our headquarters or stopping at pet friendly spaces like the Pet Spot, which is a dog-friendly, shared workspace. We also have dog-friendly meeting rooms that come with everything a dog may need during a short, 30-minute meeting, like treats, a vacuum and some of our special cleaning formulas if there’s ever an uh-oh.

BISSELL Associate Stacy and her Great Dane Hudson take advantage of our pet policy often. The 6-year-old Great Dane loves coming to work with his mom, and when it’s nice outside, the two can be seen cruising into the parking lot in Stacy’s convertible. Hudson answers to a few names, including his more formal name, Hudson Bartholomew, and Puppy Love, a name from his younger years. But for the majority of us at BISSELL, we know him simply as Hudson.

Stacy and her family adopted Hudson in 2012 from Great Dane Rescue when he was just a few months old. They were lucky enough to have him when he celebrated his first birthday. Since that time, they’ve added another Great Dane to their family, giving Hudson a little brother named Hamilton. You can see the two together often on Hamilton’s Instagram page. Hudson’s mom says he loves each and every toy his little brother plays with.

When Hudson comes to work with Stacy, he can’t give out enough hugs or get enough pets from his coworkers. Even though Hudson loves everyone, if he had to pick a favorite coworker, his mom says fellow BISSELL Associate Chuck would be Hudson’s choice.  After giving out hugs and greeting everyone, sometimes you’ll see Hudson getting into work mode with his special pumpkin spiced latte toy (pictured above.) Once he’s spent some time playing, Hudson’s day at work typically includes a nap on his dog bed at his mom’s desk, which also happens to be his favorite spot at the office. If his mom ever needs to run to a meeting, everyone on her team is willing to help dog sit Hudson, it’s just part of the pet-friendly attitude our Associates have.

If Hudson looks familiar, that’s because he’s already somewhat of a star in the BISSELL world. A painting of him is featured on our BARKBATH™ QT box. We love featuring our Associates’ rescue pets, just like Hudson, on our products because not only are they the inspiration behind everything we do, their story also helps inspire other people to adopt pets. And it goes beyond that – each time you buy a BISSELL Pet Product, you help save pets. For each pet product purchased, we’ll donate a portion of your purchase to BISSELL Pet Foundation® to help them in their mission to find every homeless pet a forever home. So far, BPF has been able to save more than 197,000 pets thanks to people just like you.