Pets of BISSELL: Holly

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At BISSELL, we’re passionate about pets. They’re a huge part of everything we do, so it’s only fitting that pets are also huge part of the workday here. We let Associates bring their pets to work every day. One of those pets that frequents the halls at our headquarters is Holly. This five-year-old Chocolate Lab rescue is one of the most loveable, sweet and friendly dogs you’ll come across in our office.

Holly comes to work with her mom, BISSELL Associate Carey, who works as our global accounting shared services manager. Holly’s mom says her dog’s favorite thing about coming to work with her is having everyone stop by and pet her, and if she’s lucky, she’ll get a treat from her visitors. For those at BISSELL who have given Holly a treat, they know how much she loves getting them and how quickly she can make them disappear!

Holly also loves coming to work when her fellow furry friend Tazer is at work, too. In fact, their parents usually book the BISSELL Pet Spot together, so the two dogs can spend the whole day together. The Pet Spot is one of the areas of our office that is specifically designed for pets. It has 3 separate kennels, three desks for pet parents to work remotely from, an outdoor fenced in area, a large dog bath, and an open layout so the dogs can play with each other as much as they want while their parents work.

Pets are proven to help employees during the workday. Having them around while we work encourages employees to socialize with each other and reminds us to take breaks during the day, even if it’s as simple as taking our dog outside for a few minutes every few hours. Our dog-friendly policy is loved by Associates across many departments and teams, and we’re happy that something as simple as seeing a dog in the hallways helps make others’ days.