Pets of BISSELL: Calvin

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At BISSELL, we practice what we preach. Being a pet-focused and pet-inspired company means we get to have pets at our office every day! Seeing furry friends as you walk through the office is not uncommon here at BISSELL. We wanted to introduce you to one of those pets you can find peeking out of his mom’s cubicle, Calvin.

His given name is Calvin, but he’ll also respond to Cal, Babyhead, Baby C, and Butters. Maureen, the sales program manager at BISSELL, brought the Scottish Terrier home back in 2012 when he was just a puppy. Today, at the age of six, Calvin still loves coming to work with his mom. His favorite things to do while at the office include strutting around like he owns the place, laying just outside of his mom’s cube so everyone that walks by has to pet him, and making friends with his fellow furry co-workers. 

As is the case in many seating areas at BISSELL, Maureen’s desk neighbors are more than happy to watch Calvin if she has to run off to a quick meeting. His regular babysitters, like BISSELL Associate Adam, know the key to Calvin’s heart is through a squeaker toy and treats, of course.

Having pets just like Calvin in the office is proven to increase productivity and collaboration and raise employees’ spirits during the workday. It’s normal to see several dogs at their parents’ desk while walking through BISSELL headquarters. You can also catch a few pups at the BISSELL Pet Spot – a designated area for BISSELL Associates to work alongside their pets who may need a little extra room to roam throughout the day. It’s complete with amenities dogs love like kennels, a dog bathtub and an outdoor fenced area.

BISSELL has been a pet-friendly workplace for years now, and this year, our policy was recognized by earning a spot on’s list of ‘The Best Dog-Friendly Companies of 2019’. Rover looked at several factors like the company’s pet stipends, which BISSELL offers for employees who adopt a pet. Rover also factored in what perks are offered to pet parents at work, which at BISSELL include the BISSELL Pet Spot, dog-friendly meeting rooms that are stocked with jars of dog treats and an outdoor dog-friendly walking path. These are just some of the ways BISSELL makes every day Take Your Pet to Work Day!