Pets of BISSELL Bailey

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Here at BISSELL we are always proud to brag about the fact that we have a “bring your dog to work” environment.  After all, we are a pet focused company and what better daily inspiration then having pets at the office?


We thought it would be fun to share some details about one of those pets we get to see roaming our halls. Megan Silvasi, a graphic designer, loves to bring in Bailey, also known as Bae.  Bae was rescued in 2012 when she was 4 years old.  She is an adorable Great Dane who loves tennis balls and chicken jerky. When we asked Megan to describe Bailey in three words she said “perfect, loyal and friend.” Bailey loves to come to work with Megan and meet everyone she sees.  She has made many fellow pet friends at BISSELL, too.

bailey tile 2


When Megan brings Bailey to work she sticks by her side.  If Megan needs to run to a meeting and Bailey can’t attend anyone can watch her because she’s a great and easy-going dog. She has a puppy-like energy and she is a “wonderful dog and such a great friend.”

Dogs in the work place have proven to lift employee spirits and create more employee interaction. Megan and Bailey are just an example of a loving bond between pet owner and pet. They were lucky to find each other!