Happy Fallidays: Brady Tolbert on Holiday Decor and Clean Up

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We sent Brady Tolbert of Brady Tolbert our CrossWave® Cordless Max Multi-Surface Wet Dry Vac  for free ahead of the holidays in exchange for his honest review of our product. Here’s what he had to say about how it helped him clean up during a busy decorating season.

At this point, you are probably asking yourself... what are the ‘Fallidays’? Well, after years of decorating for Thanksgiving and then ripping it down just a few days later to quickly throw things up for Christmas, I started thinking: there has to be a better way to do this. Hence the adoption of our newest tradition. ‘The Fallidays’ – which includes decorating once (before Thanksgiving) and leaving it up all the way through New Year’s. Yep, no turkeys that need to be replaced with tinsel, no cornucopias that need to be replaced with Christmas trees and definitely no pumpkins that need to be replaced with perfectly wrapped packages.

Happy Fallidays Brady Tolbert

As much as I love decorating, the excess and the mess is something that I didn’t need to add to my life on top of the already busy season. So, thinking of a way to combine two of my favorite holidays into one seamless holiday decorating tradition is already making my life better. Think of the ‘Fallidays’ as 2 in 1 shampoo conditioner… but for your house.

Forgot the Traditional Elements

By traditional, I am talking about the red & green color scheme, the nutcrackers, the Santa trinkets and basically anything that immediately reads “Christmas”. While those items will always have their place in holiday decor, they are something that immediately reads as Christmas so by removing those classic elements you can opt for something that feels festive for both holidays.

Stick to a Neutral Color Palette

For some people, this may be difficult as red and green evokes a sense of holiday, but sticking to a neutral color palette in all the decor will allow it to not be associated with a specific holiday and instead feel seasonal. Whites, creams, black, woods, and metallics, when mixed together, can feel textural and interesting and when paired with natural greenery, they instantly feel ‘Fallidays’.

Stick to a Neutral Color Palette

Fallidays = Foliage

This is the key to truly bringing in the festive feel without going overboard into one holiday or another. Bring in lots of foliage and greenery. For my place I used olive branches, springs of evergreen (cedar and spruce), seeded and silver dollar eucalyptus, willow branches for shape, and pampas grass for texture. And best of all, all of this greenery will dry naturally and keep its shape and color which means you can keep it up for the next few months without having to swap it out.

Fallidays = Foliage

Let the Tree Be a Tree

While I will always love a real Christmas tree, putting one up with all the trimmings just a few days after Halloween is grounds for you looking like a crazy person. So instead, forgo all the ornaments, tinsel, garland and anything else you typically decorate it with and instead let the tree live bare in your home. After Thanksgiving has passed then you have full permission to add all of your holiday trimmings to it but before then, let the tree just be a tre

Create Your Own Elements in Unconventional Ways

Garlands and wreaths are one of the most festive items that you can bring into your home, and you’ll always find them at my place. But rather than grabbing the off the shelf items, you can make your own to create a unique and more modern look. For the corner of our living room, I installed my version of a garland which in fact was just a few branches I wired together and leaned in the corner. To give it some variances, color and texture I then stuffed in some greenery and grasses until I was happy with it. The ‘stuff, stare, and restyle method’ is something that I can personally endorse and allows you to play with it over and over until you are happy with the way that it looks.

Create Your Own Elements in Unconventional Ways

The process can get a little messy but that is where BISSELL® comes in. The BISSELL CrossWave® Cordless Max multi-surface cleaning system vacuums and washes your floors at the same time without the hassle of a cord. So, you can go directly from cleaning your hard floors to refreshing your area rugs without even having to plug it in. Which for me, living in a small apartment, is something that I can get behind. They sent out their new product for me to try and I’ve partnered with them to create this content because this one machine does it all and helps me keep my sealed hardwood and linoleum floors clean and even freshens all of our rugs. A faster and more efficient clean up means more time that I can enjoy getting messy and creative, which is exactly what I did with these DIY wreaths.

Brady Tolbert Using CrossWave Cordless Max

Brady Tolbert DIY Holiday Wreath Instructions

Here is what you’ll need:

  • Wooden Embroidery Hoop
  • Greenery – I used seeded eucalyptus, pampas grass, cedar and spruce
  • Floral Wire
  • Garden Shears
Brady Tolbert DIY Wreath Tools

Step 1:

You’ll start by wrapping a long sprig of evergreen around the embroidery hoop. I wrap it in the exact spot where the metal fastener is so that you can cover it up.

Brady Tolbert Step 1 Wrap Long Sprig Evergreen

Step 2:

Work your way around one side of the wreath adding a few more sprigs and then about halfway around the other side of the wreath so that just over half of the hoop is covered.

Brady Tolbert Add Sprigs on Wreath

Step 3:

To give it a bit more texture and a (very very tiny bit more holiday) I then snipped a few different yards of tonal ribbon (brown, ivory, tan, cream) in different lengths, folded them over themselves and then used an ornament hook to band them together and hook them on the back of the wreath through one of the floral wire loops.

Brady Tolbert Tonal Ribbon Wreath
Brady Tolbert Tonal Ribbon Wreath

The little moments like this on the back of our door are what really bring that holiday spirit in without feeling too over the top.

Brady Tolbert Finished Door Wreath

About Brady Tolbert: Born in Utah and adopted by sunny SoCal I’ve been calling it “home” for the last 7 years. From a very young age I paid attention to design in a way that the people around me didn’t quite understand. Some called it being “special”, my grandma called it being “aware” and my mom called it “normal”. But that love and desire to what I call “design” has pushed me into a life abound in creativity. I made my way through college studying both Violin Performance and Architecture which my parents still think allowed me to not only further my creative pursuits and hone my skills as a designer. I began working as an intern under Frank Gehry in Washington, D.C. quickly into my third year of school which then led me to a job at a luxury design firm in L.A., Beverly Hills Luxury Interiors. I then worked as the Editorial and Creative Director for Emily Henderson, and now am the Creative Director at Bobby Berk in a city that continues to fuel my artistic passion. You’ll find all my newest updates here and over on my instagram.