5 Simple Secrets for a Clean Home

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We all have at least one friend whose house is perfectly clean every time we visit – we’re talking museum status clean. Even if our visit is completely unexpected, there’s never a mess in sight. You may envy their cleaning diligence, but we’re going to let you in on a little secret: having a clean house is a lot easier than you think. It doesn’t involve deep cleaning every room all weekend. All it takes is a little dedication and a lot of consistency and remembering that a clean home means something different to everyone, and that’s okay. We compiled some of the daily and weekly tricks we use to keep our houses clean to create the ultimate guide for how to keep your house clean.

5 Simple Secrets for a Clean Home

1. Consistency is key.

If we had to narrow our clean home secrets down to one, we’d probably sum it up by the statement above. As with many things in life, consistency is the secret to success and keeping up with a clean home is no exception. If you’re consistently staying on top of tasks to keep a clean home, you’ll consistently have a clean home. Seems simple enough, right? So, why does it seem so hard to clean my house you ask? Because life happens! All the tips you’ll find in this post are meant to help you deal with those inevitable messes life throws your way, so you can get back to enjoying life and a clean home.

2. Chores no more.

This is our official campaign kickoff to stop calling cleaning tasks “chores”. Changing your mindset about cleaning from something you have to do to something that can easily be worked into your day-to-day routine makes a huge difference. That’s why we have so many products that make cleaning easy and quick, so you spend less time cleaning, which in turn makes it feel like less of a chore. It also helps to think about the benefits of cleaning. Having a clean home is better for your mental and physical health than you may think. One study found women who described their home as being cluttered or messy were more likely to feel depressed than women who described their home as clean and tidy. The physical health benefits of cleaning are a little more straightforward. For one, there’s the fact that you’re getting rid of germs and allergens while cleaning. For two, cleaning is a physical activity – even just 30 minutes spent cleaning your house can count as 30 minutes of light exercise, leaving you with a clean home and the peace of mind that you got in a little physical activity.


3. It’s all about timing.

Cleaning doesn’t have to take up an entire day, although we do love a good Saturday deep clean every few months. If you give yourself just 15 minutes to tidy up each day or night, it can make a huge difference in keeping your house clean. It may sound like a short amount of time, because it is, but you’d be surprised with how much you can accomplish in just a quarter of an hour. Try setting aside 15 minutes before you go to bed to do things like clear clutter from the kitchen counters, deal with the mail that’s starting to pile up or vacuum high traffic areas like the kitchen or entryways. This is also a great time to take advantage of products like our ICONpet™ Cordless Vacuum that have removable hand vacuums for quick, cordless cleanups at the end of the day. Think of your nighttime tidying as a therapeutic way to close out the day. Cleaning up the day’s mess gives you the chance to clear your conscience, knowing you won’t wake up to a mess in the morning. There’s something to be said about getting ready for the day in a clean space.


4. Work the wash cycle.

One of the best habits we’ve gotten ourselves into is washing a load of laundry and a load of dishes each night – talk about a cleaning game changer! We recommend working these two things into your nighttime tidying routine, too. Start the washing machine right when you get home from work, so you have time to dry, fold and put away at least one load of clean clothes before bed. Start the dishwasher right before you go to bed so it can run overnight, and the dishes will be clean and ready to be put away in the morning (or in the evening when you get home from work). This step is easy to make work for your lifestyle. It can change depending on your schedule for a certain week, and if you live alone, you probably don’t have to do an entire load of dishes or laundry each night, so adjust it to a schedule that works for you.


5. Don’t forget about Fido.

Let’s be honest, pets make messes. There are the messes we can’t control, like accidents, and the messes we can control, like pet hair! Obviously, we can’t control when or where our pets shed, but keeping up with grooming is a preventative measure we can take. And the BARKBATH™ Dual Use Portable Dog Bath & Deep Cleaning System is up for the task. This machine cleans your dog and the messes they make on carpet and upholstery. Vacuuming pet hair every few days also helps keep it at bay around your home.

Working these five tips into your cleaning routine are small tweaks that will make a big difference when it comes to having a clean home all year round. Happy cleaning!