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4 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Month

4 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Month

Most of us celebrate our pets year-round, not just during a special day, week or month dedicated to them. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t take those commemorative days to do something special to promote responsible pet ownership, raise awareness of the benefits of living with pets, spread the news about the importance of working, service, and assistance animals, and share our appreciation for the people who help care for pets, and of course show our love for our own pets. All of those are the goals of National Pet Month. Here are some ways you can contribute to making life better for pets and their people.

--Raise money for your favorite animal charity, like  BISSELL Pet Foundation or community working dogs such as police K9s and search and rescue dogs who might need equipment. Social media and giving platforms make it easy to bring in some bucks to help animals. Set a goal and make it a challenge.


--If you’re active in animal activities, ask your neighborhood school about coming in to speak to kids about pet care such as grooming, play and training needs, making visits with therapy animals, competing in agility or nose work, doing search and rescue, or anything else animal-related. Share your passion with them and encourage them to help care for their own pets properly and have fun with them.

--Take pets to the veterinarian occasionally for “fun visits” so they learn that the clinic is the place to go to meet nice people and get lots of treats. Check with the staff first to make sure it’s not a busy time and then bring your pet in for some head scratches from the staff, maybe a little play with a favorite toy, definitely some treats, and maybe a few seconds on the scale to check his weight.


--Schedule a spa day for your pet. We all feel great after we’ve had our hair done or received a manicure, and anyone who’s seen a dog prancing around after a visit to the groomer knows that animals experience a similar feeling of wellbeing. After all, when you look good, you feel good.

--Lots of people don’t know that pets can receive specialized dental care, ophthalmology treatment, or care from a veterinary cardiologist or oncologist, for instance. Let others know about your experiences with taking your pet to a veterinary specialist, working with a veterinary technician specialist in behavior or Fear Free Certified dog trainer, or other pet professional whose dedicated care has helped you and your pet.

For more ideas on year-round ways to make life better for your pet—and yourself—visit Fear Free Happy Homes. You’ll find articles and online courses that will help you understand and care for your pet in new and exciting ways.


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