Understanding the User Interface

To make sure you get the most out of your robot, it’s important you understand what it’s trying to communicate to you. The following information is available to you in the app, but we wanted to make sure you understand the notifications on the robot as well. As you use it, you’ll notice different symbols on the LED control panel, also known as the User Interface (UI). This control panel can also be used to set up your robot for cleaning if for some reason you don’t have access to the BISSELL® Connect app. To pick a cleaning time, press the clock button. You’ll notice there are seven different runtimes to pick from. If you want your robot to find its way back to the docking station after the cleaning session is over, you’ll see a dock icon next to the runtime on the display. If you notice two zeros and a dock icon on the display, your robot will return to the docking station without doing any cleaning. If a runtime appears with no dock icon, your robot will clean and stop without returning to the dock.
The UI will also show two different navigation patterns your robot is able to use.

  1. Spot Mode – Robot moves in circles until it runs into an obstacle, then it switches to Auto Mode.
  2. Auto Mode – Robot cycles through the cleaning modes below.
    1. Wall Mode – Robot cleans along walls and edges.
    2. Z Formation Mode – Robot moves up and down in a zig-zag pattern.
    3. Diagonal Path Mode – Robot moves diagonally around the room, adjusting direction if it runs into obstacles.

Once you find the perfect cleaning mode, you also need to pick your cleaning power. You have two modes to choose from, normal and turbo. Just as the name suggests, your robot will use more power in turbo mode.

If you see a low battery icon on the UI, it means the robot’s battery needs a charge. You’ll also notice the power LED change from green to red if this is the case. You’ll be alerted of a full dust bin in a similar way. If you notice a trash can icon, you’ll need to empty your robot’s dust bin.

This UI is just one of the many smart ways this robotic vacuum is able to communicate with you, keeping your home clean, and your life less stressful.