Model No 1618618

Access Plate ICONpet™ Robotic Vacuum


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Access Plate, also referred to as the Sole Plate is for the BISSELL® ICONpet Robotic Vacuum. It is under the vacuum and holds the brush in place.

To remove and inspect the access plate/sole plate, please follow these instructions:

  • Turn power OFF, remove the robot from the dock and put it upside down on a soft surface.
  • Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the 3 screws on the access plate. Rotate the access plate and lift it out.
  • Look for damage on the access plate rollers and flexible wiper. Make sure they're all rotating freely. Replace if necessary.
  • Pull up on the plastic end cap to remove the brush. Clean it and make sure the plastic end rotates freely.
  • Check right side drive gear to remove any hair build up.
  • Replace Brush Roll.
  • Holding the access plate at a slight angle in front of the robot, align the slots in access plate with the tabs, then rotate the access plate into place.
  • Replace the screws and don't overtighten. Compress the bumper several times to ensure smooth operation.

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Product Specs & Support
Name Access Plate ICONpet™ Robotic Vacuum
Model No 1618618
Quantity 1
Weight 0.1000