Sustainability: Products

BISSELL sees significant opportunities in product and packaging design when it comes to our sustainability efforts. We’ve found we get the best results when incorporating the goals in the earliest phases of product design and manufacturing. We’ve experienced advances in our cleaning formulas, vacuums and deep cleaners.

Cleaning Products

We utilize concentrated formulas for all liquid machine cleaners. They offer benefits to you and the Earth. Ounce for ounce, the formulas give the same cleaning power in half the packaging of BISSELL non-concentrated formulas. The small bottles made a big difference in a few ways. First, they’re easier to carry, which reduces the transportation resources needed to ship the bottles. So far, it’s cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80%. Second, the bottle itself is made from nearly 60% recycled and reground pellets and just 40% new material. But it’s not just the bottles. All BISSELL portable and upright deep cleaner formulas, and 95% of our manual formulas, have biodegradable detergents and no dyes, optical brighteners or heavy metals. Plus, BISSELL OxyPro® spray has bag-on-valve constant spray technology to release zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) something traditional aerosols don’t do.

Vacuums and Deep Cleaners

We haven’t been focused on just formula, we also make the popular BISSELL Little Green® Deep Cleaner with at least 50% recycled plastic. Your Little Green® could have plastic from automotive parts, home appliances (refrigerator panels and air conditioners) or scrapped films. In addition to the 95% reduction of PVC used in Little Green®, the packaging has a minimum of 50% recycled content.