Sustainability: Strategy and Goals

The BISSELL sustainability commitment starts with setting corporate sustainability goals and building a strategy for effectively pursuing and achieving those goals. Our ForEverGreen Team is essential for this. The team is made up of BISSELL associates who research, communicate and implement strategies to improve our environmental practices in product design, packaging, logistics, facility design, and operation. Our goals to drive sustainability throughout BISSELL also support our customer’s sustainability goals. We use the same process to establish those goals and measure their progress, as we do for every other corporate goal. A strong commitment from our CEO and Senior Management Team help make sure those goals are met.

BISSELL is working for continuous improvements within our operations. We’re also extending that commitment to sustainability throughout the organization.

At BISSELL we are:

  • Driving further reductions in energy use, water consumption and waste creation throughout our supply chain.
  • Finding opportunities to use more recycled content and incorporate more sustainable product design features across our product portfolio without compromising product and/or packaging performance and reliability.
  • Researching new tools and processes to better measure performance of these environmental sustainability goals, record improvements over time and establish future reduction targets.

Beyond the four walls of BISSELL we are:

  • Developing a set of sustainability guidelines for our suppliers. We’ll roll these out to all our major suppliers (i.e. contract manufactures and major suppliers of raw materials, parts and components for our finished goods and cleaning formulas) to maximize environmental benefits from this program. The guidelines will aim to reduce energy use, water consumption, waste creation, and other significant environmental impacts associated with production of BISSELL products.
  • Continuing to work with retailers and suppliers to minimize the environmental impacts associated with product transportation and logistics.