Sustainability: Closed Loop Manufacturing Operations

Using renewable resources while making and transporting our products is good for the environment and for business. Be it monitoring the efficiency of our factory lighting, reprocessing returned products or reducing truck idle time at our shipping docks, we’re actively seeking opportunities to minimize the cost and environmental impact of our operations. We also either recycle or remanufacture all our product returns. This presents millions of pounds of plastic and metal from ending up in landfills.

BISSELL has been recycling in its blow-molded bottle operations for more than 50 years. We make our bottles from new resin and two types of recycled-content; plastic resin that’s trimmed off bottles during the manufacturing process (pre-consumer content) and post-consumer recycled resin.

We also opened the BISSELL Innovation Center (BIC) to represent the operational efficiencies that can be made through sustainable business practices. Instead of a new addition, we converted unused factory space into offices to accommodate growth. Development of this space let us take advantage of some of the latest innovations in efficient energy use and sustainable building design. Some of the building’s ‘smart’ capabilities include energy efficient lighting, daylight harvesting, high-efficiency hot water boilers running on resets, under-floor air distribution system, and energy recovery systems. The low flow plumbing fixtures, GREENGUARD certified interior finish materials and rainwater collection basins for irrigating landscaping make the BIC not just a living, breathing testament to sustainability, but also a pretty cool place to work!

The work of our ForEverGreen team can be seen throughout our corporate headquarters. Our Information Technology department teams up with CompRenew Environmental to make sure Associates’ old computers and electronics are properly disposed and recycled. The cafeteria uses 100% compostable, plant-based plates and discounts the price of coffee for associates who bring in their own, reusable mugs. All metal, plastic, and glass from the cafeteria is also recycled. BISSELL has eliminated trash bins in work stations, instead we use dedicated recycling and composting areas, centrally located in work spaces. Since launching these programs, BISSELL has eliminated more than 1,700 cubic meters of waste that would’ve otherwise gone to landfills.