Sustainability: Innovative Packaging

BISSELL is constantly finding new ways to be environmentally-friendly. For our new Pet Hair Eraser® Lift-Off®, we continued using sustainable packaging thanks to our Asia-based partner, YFY Jupiter Packaging. A few years ago, the company introduced a renewable material called Npulp®. Biochemists at YFY spent 12 years researching the digestive process inside a cow’s stomach. The team was able to replicate the digestive enzyme, which they used to make paper products from waste straw left after harvesting wheat and rice. The n-pulp enzyme can break down the straw, without using harsh chemicals.

Straw is considered ultra-rapidly renewable because crops are harvested two to four times a year in each climate zone. Excess straw used to be considered waste, but now it’s a cash crop for farmers. Making the most of straw gives sustainable support for overall agricultural development and provides a renewable packaging material. Byproducts from the pulping process make an organic and nutrient-rich fertilizer that can go back into farmer’s fields.

Npulp is a win for all sides. Since we started incorporating it into our packaging, our use of it has grown across several products. To learn more about Npulp, click here.