Supply Chain Social Responsibility

BISSELL Suppliers must operate within all legal requirements in each country where products or parts are made for BISSELL.  Suppliers must ensure that all products and components will be manufactured, labeled, packaged, shipped, and delivered in compliance with applicable foreign and United States laws, regulations, standards, and executive orders.  Moreover, a Supplier is responsible for ensuring the compliance of its own suppliers.  BISSELL recognizes that there are different legal environments in which our Suppliers operate, and we expect each Supplier to follow the laws of its own country. We are also committed to following a standard of humanitarian and environmental awareness that, as written below, may exceed local laws.  At the very least, BISSELL requires its Suppliers to observe primary human rights and promote continuous improvement throughout their own and their suppliers’ facilities.

The entire BISSELL supply chain is certified under the U.S. program for Customs – Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT), and all suppliers are C-TPAT compliant.  Processes and procedures are in place and each load is documented to verify compliance.  Regular audits are conducted at our suppliers. Pictures of empty container are taken to show compliance to our standards and pictures are taken as the container is filled to show the product loaded and pattern used.  Each container has a tamper-proof seal and receiving procedures are in place to verify all seal numbers and ensure the container has not been compromised.

Supplier Code of Conduct agreement letters are issued annually and signed by each supplier.  These agreements cover the supplier’s entire supply chain. Every purchase agreement between BISSELL and its suppliers also contain language to ensure each supplier’s compliance with all applicable laws. BISSELL contracts with an independent third party to conduct Ethical Standards audits on our suppliers to ensure compliance to these standards, and BISSELL is in position to terminate any supplier relationship that falls short of meeting our ethical and legal requirements, and supplier performance under the Code of Conduct is incorporated into the BISSELL supplier scorecard.  All BISSELL associates receive Code of Conduct training and must annually read and sign Code of Conduct agreements which include protections for basic human rights through our supply chain, and associates with supply chain responsibility also receive annual training on C-TPAT to ensure that they have the latest information on our supply chain requirements.

In short, BISSELL is taking every reasonable step to ensure that the Company is meeting its high ethical standards and expectations for legal compliance throughout its supply chain.