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Parts & Supplies

2-in-1 Pet Upholstery Tool for Upright Carpet Cleaners | 1610149
Part #:

*Make sure your clean tank has water & formula to use the tool in wet mode.

  • Follow the hose plug-in instructions from your User Guide.
  • Attach the tool and select dry mode to first pick up dry debris and pet hair. The suction will be at the lower part of the tool, near the dry cup.
  • Empty the cup when it fills with hair and debris. Turn off the machine. Hold the cup and twist counterclockwise line up the arrow with the unlock symbol and remove.
  • Take off the cup and empty hair and debris.
  • Remove hair that may wrap around the filter.
  • To reattach the cup, line up the cup to the tool indents, and rotate clockwise. The arrow will line up with the locked icon when secured.
  • To Deep Clean, move the switch to wet mode. Press the trigger to spray your water and formula; use the top of the nozzle to extract stains and odors.
  • To remove any hair or trapped debris from the nozzle, first turn off the machine. Pull the nozzle tab away from the tool to remove and rinse under running water.
  • Replace to the tool by lining up the nozzle edge and snap into place. Before storing, make sure all hair is removed from the dry cup and nozzle has been rinsed under running water.

**DRY MODE NOTE: Use a "raking" motion to clean. Start with the tool farthest away and rake in small increments as you bring the tool toward you. The rubber numbs will help attract hair to the suction channel.

**WET MODE NOTE: Start from the area farthest away. Hold the trigger down and pull the tool toward you. Keep the tool in contact with the surface as you pull. You will see extraction through the nozzle.

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