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The handle release pedal on my Lift-Off® Vacuum isn't working. What can I do?


If the handle release pedal is broken and you can’t recline the vacuum, you’ll need a new slider release part. You can order one by clicking here: http://canada.bissell.com/slider-release-2032103?productid=37604

Here’s how to replace the slider release. You’ll need to have someone hold the handle upright or you’ll have to lay the handle down while replacing the part.

1. Detach the canister and set it aside

Lift Off vac canister set aside

2. Remove the 3 screws from the pedal

Lift Off vac pedal screws

3. Remove the cover-release and pedal

Lift off vac pedal release

4. Remove the slider-release and spring

Lift off vac slider release

5. Replace the slider-release with the clear replacement slider-release

Lift off vac slider replace

6. Assemble the slider release back into the unit. It may be easier to work with the non-spring end first; the spring will pop into place on the guide

Lift off vac guide rib

7. Assemble the cover release and lever release back into the vacuum & re-insert the 3 screws.

Lift off vac guide rib

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