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My Big Green Complete® hose leaks at the connection at the machine; how can I fix this?


We’re sorry there is a leak with your machine. Please check out our easy tips for repair.

7700 leak

-Check the 2 small o-rings on the fitted end of the hose solution line also.

7700 o-rings

-Make sure the hose solution line is firmly locked into place; after firmly inserting the connection; turn to the right until it snaps into place.

7700 insert hose

Leaking Between Wand Pieces?

-Make sure the o-rings on wand sections are in place, and the wand sections are firmly pressed together.

7700 wand

Leaking from Bottom of the Tank?

-The red colored gasket must be on the bottom of tank. Check out the photo.

-Make sure to check the X-valve. If it’s stuck inward, press to release.

-Please tighten the cap too.

-Check both tanks for any leaks.

7700 gasket

-If all above steps check out, please contact one of our Authorized Service Centers for repair. Here is the link to find a location near you.  http://canada.bissell.com/support/product-support/service-centers


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