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My ProHeat 2X® is leaking. What should I check?

  1. First, make sure that the caps are on securely and the red rubber auto-load gaskets are in place. If the red rubber auto-load gasket is missing, check to see if it’s stuck in the reservoir. Here are some pictures to help you out:

ProHeat 2x leaking gaskets

  1. Next, check the tanks for cracks or damage. If there is damage, you can choose your model and order a replacement by clicking here: http://canada.bissell.com/parts?product-category=Carpet%20Deep%20Cleaners&product-type=Upright&product-family=ProHeat%202X
  1. If your gaskets are correctly assembled and your tanks don’t seem to be damaged, at this point it might be best to take your carpet cleaner to a technician. You can find your nearest BISSELL® Authorized Service Center by clicking http://canada.bissell.com/support/product-support/service-centers or by calling 1-800-237-7691. 
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