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PowerSteamer® PowerBrush Upright Carpet Cleaner | 16945

Replenishment Items items to keep your product in top condition
Accessories items you may want to add on to your product
Parts replacement parts available through bissell.com
Service Center Parts parts only available through an authorized service center

The following items are only available through an authorized BISSELL Service Center:

  • Lower Handle Comp., Midnight Blue
  • Valve Assy W/ Vinyl Tube
  • Switch Rocker, Red
  • Handle Back Assy, Blue
  • Cordset
  • Harness W/ Ins Terminals
  • Gasket 136" X 32"
  • Tank Interface Seal
  • Diverter, Med Cool Grey
  • Diverter Gasket
  • Diverter Knob
  • Main Housing, Midnight Blue
  • Axle E-Ring
  • Wheel
  • Axle
  • Window Nozzle
  • Motor Duct
  • Motor Cover
  • Hose/Duct/Grip Assy 6'
  • Motor Intake Gasket
  • Motor
  • Motor Gasket
  • Pedal - Handle Release
  • Autoload Receiver
  • Base W/ Rotary Brush
  • Arm Retainer Rt & Lt
  • Lever Elevator Left & Right
  • Pump
  • Pump Belt
  • Overseal For Autoload
  • Clamp Large
  • Clamp Small
  • Connector T
  • T Assy Odd Barb
  • Scew #8 X 3/4 6-Pack
  • Internal Tubing
  • Lower Handle Comp., Midnight Blue
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