5 Easy Ways to Help Pets This Fall

2012-11-07_petfallGot a passion for helping homeless pets but don’t know how to get involved? It’s easier than you might think to help homeless animals, and it doesn’t always require picking up puppy poo or changing a kitty’s litter box!  As we head into the tail end of the year, here are five ways you can make a difference in the lives of shelter animals – some of which don’t even require you to spend money or get up from your computer.

  1. Help pets by pinning!

    If you enjoy helping pets and the ingenious inspirations on Pinterest, then you’ll love participating in BISSELL’s online fundraising campaign called Pinning for Pets. The campaign invites Americans to create virtual pinboards to help the BISSELL Pet Foundation raise $50,000 for animals and shelters in need.

    Between November 2 and November 30 December 31 (contest has been extended through the end of the year!), pet lovers can contribute to the BISSELL Pet Foundation fundraising drive by creating a virtual pinboard that shows their support for homeless pets. For every Pinning for Pets board created on Pinterest and submitted via BISSELL’s Facebook page, the company will donate to the BISSELL Pet Foundation who in turn will donate $10 to the Petfinder.com Foundation, up to its $50,000 goal. Grants to the Petfinder Foundation will be used to rehabilitate animal shelters around the U.S. and provide resources that improve the lives of pets lacking permanent homes.

    Each week, two Pinning for Pets submissions will be randomly selected for a Pet Clean Up package including a SpotBot Pet, and a $250 donation will be made to each winner’s local Petfinder.com shelter!

    Visit www.pinningforpets.com for more details or to take part in the campaign.

  2. Clean up after your pet

    Yep, that’s right. I want you to start cleanin’… with BISSELL pet products. But how will that help homeless pets, you ask?

    For every new BISSELL pet product purchased and activated online at www.bissell.com/savepets, BISSELL will donate $1, $5 or $10 to the BISSELL Pet Foundation (dependent on purchase price). Additionally, pet product purchases on www.bissell.com through the end of the year, will net between $2 and $20 (double its standard donation) for the BISSELL Pet Foundation to help homeless pets.

    The BISSELL Pet Foundation is a charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to help reduce the number of animals in shelters and to support organizations dedicated to the humane care and treatment of animals through pet adoption, spay neuter programs, microchipping and foster care.

  3. Talk to your local shelter about BISSELL’s Partners for Pets program

    Pet adoption is important to the folks at BISSELL and they are committed to helping the shelters and rescue groups that serve our nation’s homeless pets. Through the Partners for Pets program, participating shelters can raise money three different ways: by earning proceeds from purchases on BISSELL.com all year long, entering for a chance to win a $5,000 giveaway four times per year and eligibility to receive one free BISSELL pet product annually to use in a raffle or auction.

    Make sure your local shelter knows about the Partners for Pets program! Direct them to BISSELL.com/partnersforpets. And don’t stop there! Once your local shelter begins participating in the program, enter the code ADOPT at checkout when you purchase pet products online at bissell.com, and the BISSELL Pet Foundation will allow you to designate your BISSELL dollars specifically to a shelter or rescue of your choice.

  4. Donate

    While cold, hard cash is the first thing that comes to most people’s minds when asked to make a donation, there are plenty of other items that your local shelter may need.  Pet toys, beds, carriers, leashes, shampoo, canned cat and dog food, laundry detergent (but make sure it’s dye and fragrance-free for sensitive pet skin and sniffers), towels and even postage stamps can make a difference in the lives of shelter animals.  Call ahead and ask your local shelter if they need any specific items BEFORE you start shopping, and also ask if there is a good time of day to drop donated items by the shelter.

  5. Make a “to-do” list

    Okay, so maybe you are like me and can’t stay away from all the petting opportunities that your local animal shelter provides. While shelters rarely, if ever, turn away dog-walking, kennel-cleaning, puppy-lovin’ volunteers, you might also be able to lend a helping hand with fostering, fund-raising and outreach events hosted by your local shelter. Maybe you have a specific talent in media relations or public speaking that would be of use to a shelter. Think outside the list of typical volunteer opportunities and make a “to-do” list of the personal abilities you might be able to bring to the table that could benefit the homeless animals in your area.

    My adopted dog, Chilly and I plan to put these five tips into action, starting with creating our own virtual pinboard sharing our support for adoptable pets! Please share your pinboards with us too!



Written by:
Kristen Levine, Pet Lifestyle Expert and "Wizard of Paws"

November 07, 2012

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