How do I handle a “misbehaving” cat?

Well, I’m not sure what you mean by misbehaving. Is he or she playing too rough? Biting or scratching when you pick him or her up? Eliminating outside of the litter box?

Let’s face it—cats are complex! Their actions and reactions to their environment do not always make sense to us. Your best bet for troubleshooting a troublesome pussycat is to talk to your veterinarian about the behavior. Perhaps kitty is acting up because he or she isn’t feeling well or is experiencing some kind of pain or discomfort.

If your cat’s misbehavior is not a result of a medical issue, your vet will be able to determine this and can make suggestions or refer you to another expert source.


Written by:
Kristen Levine, pet lifestyle expert

September 13, 2009

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