Do cats really need a bath?

That depends. Most indoor cats do not need to be bathed. They naturally take care of grooming themselves. However, if kitty is overweight or in poor health, he or she may have difficulty reaching certain areas of the body, so a simple sponge bath or wet cloth may do the trick to help them clean those neglected areas.

You do need to brush your feline regularly, especially if you have a medium or long-haired kitty. Tangles and matting can really become unmanageable—even painful if neglected.

If your cat spends time outdoors, he or she may very well need to be bathed occasionally. I would check with your veterinarian first to determine if they suggest any particular medicated or sensitive formula shampoos.

Whether you simply brush your cat or full-out bathe them, this is a good opportunity for you to give them a physical once-over to see if you feel or see any lumps, bumps or lacerations that your veterinarian should examine.


Written by:
Kristen Levine, pet lifestyle expert

September 21, 2009

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