SEVA GRREATOctober 2012 Winner

SEVA GRREAT Testimonial

THANK YOU again so much for allowing us to be part of your program. We are so grateful for the $5,000 quarterly award that we won and we have been very busy putting it to very good use! Since receiving the award, we have had 25 intakes, so needless to say, it has been a busy fall/winter season for us. With your generous award, we were able to pay for the microchipping of each of these dogs as they have come into the program. As you know, we do microchip all of our dogs if they come in without one, so your support in this area is definitely appreciated!

This season has been especially challenging for us because some of the dogs that we have accepted into our program are “special needs” dogs. We don’t turn away dogs that need significant medical care because often, these are the times when they need us the most.

Just to give you an update on some of our dogs:


Peaches came to us from the Dinwiddie Animal shelter as a golden that is most likely mixed with a yellow lab. This poor little girl had been a stray and had run through some barbed wire where she cut her nose. Peaches is very emaciated and has a skin infection at this time. Once her infection is cleared up and we put some weight on her, we will have her spayed and get her ready for her fur-ever home.


Emma is a very sweet older golden that came into the SEVA GRREAT program from a local shelter where she appeared to be very depressed. Upon medical examination, we learned that she was at least 11 years old, deaf, heartworm positive, erlichia positive, and also tested positive for lyme disease. Thanks to your generous support and the outstanding network of foster homes we have, Emma lived out the rest of her life with SEVA GRREAT, knowing that she was loved. Emma crossed the Rainbow Bridge at the end of November in the loving arms of her foster family. It was heartbreaking to see her go, but it comforts us to know that she was able to experience a warm, happy home and the love of a foster family that adored her.


Tessa also came to us from a local shelter where they believe she may have been hit by a car at some point in her life. Her pelvis appeared to be shattered and although it healed, she has a limited range of movement. Well, she is definitely ending the year the right way…not only has she found her fur-ever home but we are happy to report that she has not had to have her leg amputated. We are wishing her and her new family a very bright and happy new year!


Chipper was one of the older fellas in our program who came in as a stray, but even at 10 years old he was a man who evidently liked excitement and variety in his life. On November 17th, we had received a call that Chipper had escaped from his first foster home. Since we knew he could jump fences, we were all very concerned but luckily he was found a few hours later. Once he was found, we heard the story of his adventure and couldn’t believe it. Evidently, Chipper is a talented old boy who not only jumps over fences, but also knows how to open the gate latch. That day he decided to let himself out of his yard and then proceeded to walk down the street and spring two of his canine friends out of their yards with his gate latch trick! This sounded like something from a movie and everyone thought it was cute until he escaped from his yard four days later. Thank goodness we have a good group of fosters and in this case, we had a new foster family for Chipper with a tall fence and a gate that locked. I guess Chipper must have known that he was close to getting his fur-ever home and was in a hurry to get there since he was adopted out to a wonderful family just a few days later!

We are still supporting some of our other “special needs” dogs like Woody and Blondie and we hope that the new year will bring them their fur-ever homes with wonderful families just like Tessa and Chipper.

Again, we cannot thank you enough for your generous support of these wonderful animals. We cannot do what we do without help and this award was huge for us!



Mary Strzelecki, Fundraising Coordinator



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