Second Chance Pet Adoptions

Second Chance Pet Adoptions

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Second Chance Pet Adoptions Testimonial

We are so grateful to be the winner of last quarter's giveaway - what an amazing program Partners for Pets is! Thus far, Second Chance has used the money to help cover not only routine medical costs, but also to contribute to the care of some of our more serious cases.

Reesie, who is a 1 1/2 year old female lab mix, was found on the side of the highway so emaciated and weak that her finder didn't want to name her because he wasn't sure she would survive the night. She had an obvious injury to her right front leg, which had been dislocated and was estimated to have been like that for several months. Her back left leg also had a fracture that had started to heal. She had easily over 100 ticks on her body. The vet determined that Reesie would need surgery to amputate the front leg, but there was no way she could undergo it in her condition. At 23 pounds, Reesie needed to gain at least another 15 pounds. Her rehabilitation began and, happily, Reesie is now a healthy weight and had her leg amputated. She isn't missing the leg and is getting around just fine!

We have also used some of the money to help provide training and behavior assessment for some of the dogs in our program that have needed extra behavioral help. Because the dogs in our program are strays, we find that some need assistance overcoming social hurdles in order to become the wonderful pets we know they are. And of course, we have been using $1000 towards our microchip program, helping to purchase and register chips for our adopters.

I cannot tell you how important the Partners for Pets program is to rescue groups. Because we do not receive any governmental funding and we must rely on private donations, we spend an unbelievable amount of time having to do heavy duty fundraising. There are only so many events you can have in a year and only so many mail appeals you can do. We do apply for grants as well, but they are often very restrictive and do not always allow us to use the funds for medical costs or basic operational costs, which are, with any group, undoubtedly our highest expenses. It is wonderful that BISSELL allows the group to use the money exactly where it's needed.

The donations received from the purchases of BISSELL products are nice little bonuses and the quarterly giveaway is amazing! Promoting the program is so simple and it is easy to reach people who are not necessarily local to you. There aren't a ton of hoops to jump through to become eligible for the giveaway.

On behalf of all the animals, thank you all for truly understanding the needs of shelters and rescues around the country. We are so lucky to be part of a program like yours.

All our best wishes,

Lisa Imhof, Director

Second Chance Pet Adoptions

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