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Safe Haven Humane Society

July 2011 Winner

Safe Haven Humane SocietySafe Haven Humane Society Testimonial

"Now that we've stopped dancing in the street, I wanted to take a moment to congratulate and thank you for implementing the Partners for Pets program. It's a wonderful concept, and I hope other participating shelters and rescues realize what an easy way this is to generate donations for their group. All we do is explain to adopters how the partnership works, purchasing products at, and how they get 10% discount plus free shipping (which can be substantial on large products) and we receive a donation equal to 10% of the purchase!

It couldn't be easier and those donations just slip quietly into our bank account. We've received over $200 so far! And each online purchase is a "coupon redemption" which helps qualify the group for the quarterly $5,000 drawing. It only takes 10 coupon redemptions to qualify and it happens before you even realize it. I'm one of those people who never thinks we'll win anything so you can imagine how shocked I was when we were notified we won the first $5,000 giveaway! Shocked speechless!

pitbull.jpgIt didn't take long for us to decide how to spend the $5,000. We've ordered microchips and are scheduling two microchip events in our area for those folks who have pets but have not been able to afford microchipping. It will be very low cost and we hope to chip at least 100 pets. The remaining donation will fund a low cost spay/neuter project this fall for pit bulls. Matching Bissell's donation with other donated funds, we hope to spay or neuter at least 200 pit bulls. These poor dogs have become a "commodity" for all the wrong reasons so we're hoping we can reduce the breeding, at least in our area, and cut way down on all the pits ending up in the shelters.

For others who think their group is too small to be a "player" in this type of program, here's what I would say to them: "Forget that thinking! We're in Ionia County (rural county, low per capita income and high unemployment) and we're very small. We still qualify to file the 990EZ at tax time and only have a handful of volunteers and fosters. If we can be this successful in this partnership, imagine what you can do!"

Mary Ellen Snyder, Treasurer

Safe Haven Humane Society

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