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Stomp Out Carpet Stains with New BISSELL Stomp ‘N Go® Pads

Posted on October 10, 2011

Stain-lifting pads make it easy, fun to Stomp Out Stains

2011-10-10_stomp GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., October 10, 2011 — Consumers can forget about scrubbing spots and stains out of their carpets thanks to a one-of-a-kind new product from BISSELL Homecare, Inc. The No.1 brand in floor care appliances*, today introduces Stomp ‘N Go®, an innovative stain lifting pad that makes cleaning easy and fun by removing carpet stains with a single, satisfying STOMP. In celebration of the new product, BISSELL declares Oct. 10-14 Stomp Out Stains Week, urging consumers to take to their feet and stomp out pesky carpet spots and stains once and for all.

When you discover a spot on the carpet, simply place one of these pre-moistened pads onto the spot, give it a good stomp, and then watch as the stain begins to absorb into the pad. There’s no need to scrub or use other cleaning tools – Stomp ‘N Go does the work for you.

“At BISSELL we understand that cleaning carpet spots and stains can be an annoying and disliked task,” says Rich Sorota, BISSELL’s senior vice president and general manager of global marketing and sales. “But with Stomp ‘N Go, it’s easy and even fun to remove spots and stains from the carpet.” 

BISSELL’s Stomp ‘N Go pads use a powerful oxy-based formula to lift and remove most spots and stains within 30-minutes. Tougher stains may take up to 24 hours. The pads are great for cleaning spots left from red wine, food, fruit juice, coffee, tea, pet messes, blood, mud, dirt and more. They leave behind a fresh scent and can be used on rugs and carpets, including nylon, wool and stain resistant carpet.

Stomp ‘N Go pads are also portable and easy-to-store. They come in packages of five individually-wrapped pads and are currently available for $4.99 at select Target, Wal-Mart, Kmart, select grocery stores, and online at

Visit to learn more about BISSELL’s full line of cleaning products.

About BISSELL Homecare, Inc.

A 135-year-old company, Grand Rapids-based BISSELL Homecare, Inc., is the top-selling brand in floor care appliances in North America* with an expanding presence worldwide. As an innovator of cleaning products, BISSELL produces and sells vacuums, sweepers, deep-cleaning machines, bare floor cleaners and cleaning formulas at retail locations across the globe. The company is in its fourth generation of family leadership.



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