Maintenance Tips

Maintenance Tips

BISSELL cleaning products are designed to be dependable and effective so that you can enjoy life without worrying about a mess. Many people don't know that there are simple and easy ways to keep their vacuums, carpet cleaners and other cleaning products working well for longer. Check out these maintenance tips to help you get the most out of your BISSELL cleaning product. Select a product category:

  • Upright Carpet Deep Cleaners

    Upright Carpet Cleaner Tips

    Did You Know… 

    You can prevent formula from hardening in your carpet cleaner’s spray lines? 
    Before putting it away, fill both the solution and water tanks with hot water and set the dial to high traffic to flush the internal lines. 

    Our website offers maintenance & care videos for carpet cleaners, including steps to help keep your machine operating at optimal performance? Watch Videos

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  • Portable Carpet Deep Cleaners

    Portable Carpet Cleaner Tips

    Did You Know… 

    You can prevent formula from hardening in your portable carpet cleaner’s hose? 
    Before putting away, suction hot tap water through the hose to clean it out and empty the dirty water tank. 
    We also recommend that you rinse all tanks & tools and allow to air dry after each use. 

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  • 2763.jpg

    Vacuum Tips

    Did You Know… 

    You can help prevent your belt from breaking? 
    Cut off hair and other debris that becomes wrapped around your vacuum’s brush roll on a regular basis to prevent the brush from being seized and the belt from breaking.

    You can unclog your vacuum if you lose suction? 
    Try removing clogs in the upper or lower hoses with a rounded broomstick. 

    Your filters need to be changed regularly? 
    Many vacuums have more than one filter that needs to be cleaned and/or replaced on a regular basis to keep the vacuum running great. Check your vacuum’s user guide for more information on your specific model, and visit our Parts & Supplies section to purchase new filters.  

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  • Steam Mops

    Steam Mop Tips

    Did You Know…

    You can help your Steam Mop™ filter last longer? 
    Empty the water out of the tank after each use, and you’ll prevent leaking and extend the life of your filter.

    BISSELL steam products only require tap water or distilled water for a chemical free clean?
    Or, if you're looking for a refreshing scent, consider trying BISSELL's Eucalyptus Mint Scented Demineralized Water.

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  • Hard Floor Cleaners

    Hard Floor Cleaner Tips

    Did You Know… 

    You can help prevent problems with your hard floor cleaner’s sprayer? 
    Wash the cap and insert on the clean water tank with warm water and soft-bristled brush to prevent build-up and help keep your sprayer in good working condition.   

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  • Steam and Hard Floor Cleaners

    Sweeper Tips

    Did You Know… 

    Static build-up can cause your sweeper to stop picking up debris? Use your laundry dryer to warm an anti-static dryer sheet for 5 minutes and then wipe your sweeper’s brushes with it to stop this from happening.  

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  • Mops

    Mop and Duster Tips

    Did You Know…

    The way you wash your microfiber mop pads can help them stay effective longer? 
    For best results, hand or machine wash your microfiber pads with detergent and no fabric softener. Hang dry or briefly machine dry on low-medium heat.

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Located on the white label above, usually on the back of the machine.

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