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Kimberly Runkel

Danielsville, GA

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are you a pet rescuer/adopter or do you purchase animals at pet stores?

Posted on 10/16/10 at 11:23 PM By Kimberly Runkel | 37 Replies
I used to think it was so much fun to buy a cute, clean little animal from a pet store, then I became involved with different humane societies and animal shelters. I realized that there are so many abandoned and unloved animals in the U.S. that it would take every person rescuing between 2-3 animals per person to get the numbers of stray/wild pets down. If every person would spay/neuter their pets, the population would be much more easily controlled. It is a sad thing to see an animal left on the side of the road to die or starve or suffer an unnecessary illness due to no fault of its own. So the next time you drive down the road and see an animal that needs help, please stop, it could mean all the difference to that poor animal. 

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Anthem, AZ

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One dog we found in front of our house and the other we adopted after our puppy passed away from auto imune disease
Posted on 10/18/12 at 2:34 AM

Teresa Reeves

Worley, ID

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We do not rescue pets, they rescue us. I had not even thought about getting a pet until one day this cat shows up at my house, and yet there are dogs running all around here, and when I gave her something to eat, and bring her in she ran, but then while having a beer at the corner bar there sitting in the door way was her, and when I went out to pet her, she jumped into my arms, and have been with me for about seven or eight years. I saw how someone said it was there child, and that is what she is to me, my child. Attitude, at times does not want another cat here, and as my niece calls her "a drama queen" that's okay she is mine drama, and I would not trade her in for nothing in the world!

Posted on 8/07/12 at 10:03 PM

Moira McCauley

Wentzville, MO

396 Community Rewards Points
To answer the real question, I would never buy a new pet!  I would much rather rescue and support rescue organizations!  So many pets, so few people adopting.  

I would get another dog in a heart beat.  My girl is Bailey, I would like to bring home a brother and name him Jamison.  Irish beverages anyone?
Posted on 12/03/11 at 10:31 AM

Moira McCauley

Wentzville, MO

396 Community Rewards Points
I have 4 rescues!  I have 2 cats who are sisters that I rescued 9 years ago.  Another male cat who was rescued 6 years ago, and last my sweet Lab Bassett mix who was rescued last year.  People ask if she is a "designer" dog.  I am happy to say she is not, but she is so adorable it can be hard to believe she isn't.

She was gaunt and had severe pneumonia.  Though very sick, she was docile which was good for our cats to become used to her presence in our home.  Our pup loves playing with the cats.  However, that feeling is not mutual.  The smacking, hissing and growling continues, but none of our babies seems to mind too much.  
Other than shedding and a few food accidents, they do not make difficult messes.  
Posted on 12/03/11 at 10:27 AM


Wickliffe, OH

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IMO there is never an excuse to buy a dog.  Ever.  Rescue only!  I don't care if someone rescues from a shelter or a private rescue group just rescue!!  I think everyone should have to spend a week behind the scenes in an animal shelter before they make the decision to buy a pet.
Posted on 12/03/11 at 7:59 AM

Sheilah Carrillo

Mertzon, TX

250 Community Rewards Points
I rescued my baby. It was last November a week before Thanksgiving and there she and bones and shivering like a lil had been raining for about three days, oh my poor lil baby, i took her home and advertised that i had found her, after a month no one claimed her, so she became the new member of the family, mine and my husbands first i know it sounds crazy, but true or baby...the first of January she became sick, i was so scared, i thought that this lil girl fought so hard to stay alive during rain and cold, she isnt going out this way. she was given shots rehydrated and changed her food, and good as new and better. She is our toy yorkie that God blessed us with and she is our lil ray os sunshine everyday. She is about two pounds heavier than she was when we found her...this lil girl is a fighter and we love her more than anything!!!
Posted on 8/30/11 at 3:33 AM

Jennifer Pallies

Annandale, MN

105 Community Rewards Points
I only buy fish from a pet store.. I either like to adopt/ rescue or I have gotten one from a breeder once.
Posted on 7/13/11 at 4:56 PM

Vlad P

Duvall, WA

125 Community Rewards Points
One cat i we bought privately for very cheap(kitten). Other just a neightbor cat that prefered our home and house better and became ours.
Posted on 7/13/11 at 3:22 PM

Mr. Steam Mop

Elk Grove, CA

144 Community Rewards Points
We've had two cats that adopted us.  Don't know where they came from, but we needed them as much as they needed us.  With shelters overflowing, that should be everyone's first stop when looking for a pet.  Many people who've lost their jobs have had to give up a loved pet.  Those pets deserve a good home.
Posted on 7/12/11 at 12:41 AM

Barbara Graham

Haverhill, MA

263 Community Rewards Points

One kitten was a very expensive himilyian the second was a rescue from a lady who rescues kittens from shelters that are close to being put to death. He brought ringworm home to my other cat and to the entire family of course.

Barbie Graham

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Posted on 5/10/11 at 9:12 PM
Located on the white label above, usually on the back of the machine.

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