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Tyler Smith

Ashland, OH

169 Community Rewards Points

What is your pets name?

Posted on 2/07/10 at 5:35 PM By Tyler Smith | 807 Replies

What is your pet's name?

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kathleen birchfield

st.louis, MO

137 Community Rewards Points

two dogs female(ivey);male(ollie)

Posted on 2/26/10 at 1:01 PM

Amber McDonald

Indianapolis, IN

381 Community Rewards Points

My cats name is Kergles...

Posted on 2/26/10 at 9:33 AM


Greenfield, TN

44 Community Rewards Points

We have 1 Chihuahua 4 years old who is my Service Dog. Her name is Dancing Coconut Kisses or COCO.He color is a Black Sable Fawn and She has been fixed

1 Russian Blue/? Cat whose name is ONYX because she is all Black with No White on her. She has to gain more weight before she can get fixed.3 Mini Schnauzers Sir SHADOW,Mr BILLYBOY and SNOWFLAKE our second F DIVA.

SHADOW N BILLYBOY look like they will be PEPPER N SALT. They have not had enough hair cuts to determine the color yet.

SNOWFLAKE is a pure WHITE Mini Schnauzer who is 4 months old.

SHADOW has been fixed and BILLYBOY is getting fixed in March.Snowflake needs to get to 6-8 months before she will be fixed as that is when my Vet does Females if they are 8-10 pounds.

Posted on 2/25/10 at 8:38 PM

tom petty

ridgecrest, CA

110 Community Rewards Points

I have 4 dogs named Elvis 15 years, Barney 12, Nella 2, and Ernie 9 months. 1 cat Mrs. Kitty 16 years

Posted on 2/25/10 at 10:46 AM

Cindy Thompson

Stuart, FL

111 Community Rewards Points

I have an 18 yr old hound pit bull mix her name is Sadie Lynn

Posted on 2/24/10 at 3:04 PM

Nicole Mitchell

Philadelphia, PA

62 Community Rewards Points

I have a dog and her name is Paige.

Posted on 2/22/10 at 9:27 PM


Orlando, FL

82 Community Rewards Points

I have only one cat named Cleo (long hair cat)

Posted on 2/22/10 at 8:29 PM

Cindy Norton

Beaver, OK

209 Community Rewards Points

Our 7 yr old brindle boxer is named Sid.

Posted on 2/20/10 at 11:47 PM

Susan Berk

Lititz, PA

239 Community Rewards Points

Sookie is our mini-daschundand wehave 2 cats: Max and Jazzy

Posted on 2/20/10 at 11:24 PM

Heidi H

Dunedin, FL

241 Community Rewards Points

I have two pugs, Lizzy Peekaboo Pugsley (Lizzy) and Liberty Belle Pugsley (Liberty)

Posted on 2/20/10 at 6:25 PM
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