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A Simple Guide To Stain Removal

Posted on 1/14/11 at 10:30 AM By David Brown | 0 Replies

Splish, splash, plop...and there it is!  Another ugly stain or potential stain has mared your beautiful carpet/wood/tile or marble floor.  You saw it coming but just couldn't make the diving catch (which would have been applauded by on-lookers).  Perhaps, you have another kind of stain...the "ninja stain".  This is a most devious culprit.  This kind of stain attacks with the element of surprise.  You walk into another room only to return and find that the sneeky "ninja stain" has appeared.  He also waits until you are deep in slumber visiting your happy place; and when you awake you find his mark.

Not to worry though the "stain warrior" is here to help through these trying times.  The first part of this topic is concerning the composition of a stain.  Each stain must abide but basic biological standards (these nasty little things are not outside of natural law).  Every ugly spot has a pH.  What craziness is this you ask?  You don't need a degree in bio-chemistry to understand the basics of pH.  In fact, sometime during your years sitting in a classroom you probably heard this term (sometime between passing notes and day dreaming).  pH is the measure of acidity or basicity of a substance or soulution.  Quite simply in regards to stains, it is the question of is my stain an an acid (orange juice/coffee) or a base (bleach/soapy water).  The ph scale ranges from 1 to 14 with 7 considered as neutral (neither acidic or basic).  The lower the number the more acidic the substance.  Thigher the number the more basic the substance. 

Determining the pH of a stain is the most important step in removing it.  Please note that some stains, specifically those on the more extreme end of acidity or basicity wil be permanent.  Once you know if you stain is acidic or basic you can begin the process of eliminating it completely, or at the very least making it a little harder to notice.  The concept is simple, fight acids with a base (alkaline) or fight basic stains with and acid.  The same concept can be found in other areas of science "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction".  It can also be found in a Marvin Gaye song, "for only love can conquer hate."  Heck, it even works with magnets. 

Part 2 - Acids and Bases to come.  Please feel free to input your own ideas and let me know what you thik of this tested and proven theory as well.

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