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What ideas do you have to organize a lot of stuff in a kitchen with very few cupboards, and still be able to find everything?

Posted on 9/15/10 at 4:46 PM By Page 2010 | 4 Replies
I have very few cupboards and a small kitchen.  I don't like to put my spices in a cupboard cause I can't see everything I have. So I put a spice rack on the wall to keep things off the counter.

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John Drillock

Barboursville, VA

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Good gosh we all have that problem! I don't think there's an easy answer as I've been there and done that.  Only thing worked for me was to be honest with myself and go through each item and give it a thubs up or down.  Get rid of things you haven't used for yeaars.  Donate them.  I was really surprised when I went through everything and came across things I haven't used for a long time, don't want  and just plain more work than it's worth.  I want my life simplified.  I don't need or want any more kitchen/dining items. My thoughts are that there's more to life than washing, and spending wasted time putting a rarely used food processor together.  I was surprised how much stuff I was able to get rid of, feeling good about donating it and not having any regrets I no longer have it.
Posted on 12/22/11 at 8:31 PM

Brittany Seawell

Carthage, NC

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Those fold-up shelves are great for cups and I also found some corner shelves to organize plates, saucers, and bowls.  I also recommend using the space on top of the fridge and getting a stepping stool so you can make good use of high cabinets.
Posted on 1/06/11 at 10:50 PM

Kayla Solaya

Arlington, TX

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At walmart they have these little plastic pop up shelves. When you get them it looks like a small folded up card table. You unfold it and stick it in on of your cabinets and then you have more shelves to put stuff on. It work great for tall cupboards that only have 1or 2 shelves. I  used them in the pantry for canned goods, and in another cabinet for coffee cups. Gave me alot more space.
Posted on 12/26/10 at 3:42 PM


Bellingham, WA

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<font face="Calibri">Our kitchen is pretty tiny. I find that clear containers (Tupperware, glass canisters, Ziploc bags etc.) really help. Being able to see what you have stored in the cupboards, fridge or freezer does wonders. You can even store things in nice canisters on the countertop or open shelving. Pasta, rice or cereal almost becomes art when displayed in the right container. It also helps your eye “see through” them making it feel less cluttered. </font>

Posted on 10/03/10 at 5:10 AM
Located on the white label above, usually on the back of the machine.

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