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It's tough to de-clutter small spaces with little storage. Any tips?

Posted on 2/01/10 at 8:38 PM By BISSELL | 49 Replies

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Been re-organizing and I've found that shelves and new cabinets help.
Posted on 1/04/12 at 9:30 AM

A. Wallace

Baltimore, MD

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Use plenty of pretty baskets and storage cubes for storing small hard to place items.  Also, edit down your towels and linens.
Posted on 11/08/11 at 10:15 AM

nick gombar

Buckeye, AZ

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toss out the stuff that you dont use anymore
Posted on 10/14/11 at 1:34 PM


Hugo, OK

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Buy bed risers for storage underbed, or stackable plastic drawers for extra space.
Posted on 8/29/11 at 5:29 PM

stefanie arents

Spring Valley, CA

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Quote from BISSELL

Posted on 5/31/11 at 8:53 AM


Pittsburgh, PA

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My rule of thumb: If I haven't used it in the lasr 12 months, I throw it away!
Posted on 4/10/11 at 10:53 AM

Marion Turner

Perkasie, PA

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Under the couch if it can't be seen. You can also raise your bed inexpensively to get more storage space.
Posted on 4/09/11 at 11:09 AM

angel m

seffner, FL

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yea sort through and if its outdated donate it  or throw it out
Posted on 3/16/11 at 10:43 AM

Patricia Pitts

Merrillville, IN

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Under bed storage containers work great. Pretty containers and storage furniture that can be left out and still look good are also good. If all else fails a storage facility is an option.
Posted on 3/14/11 at 6:10 PM

jamie esser

naugatuck, CT

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Only one towel per person and 2 reserved for guests...not a closet full.

Cycle through curtains..shower curtains etc. with family who does not live with want to change and maybe they do too. No storing issues and you won't be spending.

Have tag (garage,yard)sales with a friend or family who do not live with you. Trade some stuff and sell at the same time.

Have a box of give away items for the kids who attend...they will be happy for the surprise and the adult with them will be happy they didn't have to pay. They just may come to your next sale!

Don't want to wait to sell it...put it on Free Cycle!

Posted on 3/05/11 at 9:15 AM
Located on the white label above, usually on the back of the machine.

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