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What rules of thumb do you use when deciding to get rid of stuff?

Posted on 2/01/10 at 8:35 PM By BISSELL | 123 Replies

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Debra Pless

Statesboro, GA

84 Community Rewards Points
I don't like clutter, so if I know I have no other use for something I throw it out then. If I save something and I haven't used it within six(6) months then I get rid of it. Depending on what I'm getting rid of as to how I dispose of it. I either give it away to someone who could use it, I take to Goodwill, and if it is something that is absolutely unable to be used then it goes to the dump.
Posted on 7/04/10 at 6:21 PM

Dana Florence

Bulverde, TX

168 Community Rewards Points
No peticular rule of thumb, mostly when I have time.
Posted on 7/03/10 at 11:46 PM


Aurora, IL

74 Community Rewards Points
 if it took this long to find it you never really needed it --so get rid of it before you think too long>

Quote from BISSELL

Posted on 7/02/10 at 11:02 AM

elizabeth moore

Arnold, MO

290 Community Rewards Points
If it's a rare to no-use item or doesn't match my tastes or decorating scheme anymore, it's gone.
Posted on 7/01/10 at 7:40 PM

Lisa Bissett

Grand Blanc, MI

335 Community Rewards Points
If I haven't used it in 6 months-1 year it gets donated to goodwill or church.
Posted on 6/30/10 at 7:09 PM

kerrie nicholls

pasadena, TX

86 Community Rewards Points

My rule of thumb for getting rid of stuff is if you haven't used it in the last year you probably wont ever use it again and it is time for it to go away.

Posted on 6/21/10 at 1:06 PM

Sandra Horton

Lockhart, TX

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1. Forgot you had it?  Out it goes.

2. Haven't worn or used in a year? Out it goes. Be ruthless.

3. More than one of same item? Out go the duplicates. Be ruthless.

4. Just got a new one? Out goes the old one.

4. Child no longer plays with it? Give it to someone with a younger child.

5. Pantry items not outdated but will never be used? To the food bank.

6. Lotions, soaps, etc. still in gift packages? Hotel soaps, shampoos, lotions? Give to retirement home, homeless shelter, etc.

7. Make a trip to Goodwill, Salvation Army, charity thrift shop or the like every three months and donate clothing, shoes, electronics (Goodwill needs computers and parts), furniture, appliances, knick-knacks, etc. GET A RECEIPT FOR TAX DEDUCTIONS.

8. If you still have extra stuff, have a garage sale.

Posted on 5/24/10 at 12:44 PM

Leslie Williams

Sequim, WA

104 Community Rewards Points

Great tips from everyone, definitly will be utilizing some of these for my self!

Posted on 4/26/10 at 4:13 PM


Burlingame, CA

119 Community Rewards Points

i say do i really have a need for this or do i just think i want it.

Posted on 4/17/10 at 4:58 PM

Erica Petty

Dayton, TX

347 Community Rewards Points

I am spring cleaning this week. All these tips are motivating me even more!

Posted on 4/14/10 at 1:42 AM
Located on the white label above, usually on the back of the machine.

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