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What rules of thumb do you use when deciding to get rid of stuff?

Posted on 2/01/10 at 8:35 PM By BISSELL | 123 Replies

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liz springer

westport, CT

111 Community Rewards Points
anything thats not used or worn for a few months is donated one way or another.
Posted on 7/28/10 at 2:41 PM

Amy Hamm

Saint David, IL

78 Community Rewards Points
I love watching home improvement shows.  The other day they were remodeling a kitchen.  The owners were not quite horders but their kitchen was messy and no counter space left to even eat.  The remodelers made a few boxes to put stuff in as they cleaned up.  Of course there was a garbage can, a not used in 12 months box, and a couple others.  But my favorite thing was when all of the utensils, small items, and junk drawer items went in a box.  For the next couple weeks the owners were told as they used the items in the box they could put them in a drawer.  What was left after a couple weeks got taken away (sale or giveaway).  I like this idea and it could work for anywhere in the house.  Our clothes closet, put the clothes to one side of the closet and as you use them, pull them forward.  Get rid of the rest.  Guys, do you really need the container full of spare cable wires, connectors, etc?  If you haven't watched the show Horders, it is great.
Posted on 7/28/10 at 9:20 AM

melissa sheffield

Mobile, AL

225 Community Rewards Points
If you havent used it in more than 3 months you probally will not use it again!
Posted on 7/26/10 at 2:53 PM

Jennifer Turnbull

Springfield, IL

69 Community Rewards Points
If it doesn't fit, work or I will never use it again I Freecycle it!
Posted on 7/25/10 at 9:44 AM

Kim Reid

Saint Charles, MO

84 Community Rewards Points
When it comes to clothes, if it doesn't fit anymore or I haven't worn it for a season ( don't wear a pair of shorts one summer, i.e.) it goes to the thrift store. Anything else for the most part is just stuff and most of us surround ourselves with useless things we don't really need!
Posted on 7/24/10 at 4:26 PM

Marjorie Miller

Grand Junction, CO

63 Community Rewards Points
Perfectly good, but don't need, don't use, it goes to Rescue Mission thrift store  Doing this constantly, therefor no pile up.  Not a hoarder here.
Posted on 7/20/10 at 7:24 PM

Kerry Murray

Norfolk, VA

1,167 Community Rewards Points
There are 3 main questions I ask myself... 1) When is the last time it has been used? 2) Will I ever use it again?  3) Are all the parts there and not broken? I hate clutter, so these question make it easier for me to get rid of things when need be to free up some space.
Posted on 7/17/10 at 3:53 PM

Judi Monroe

Lincoln, AR

89 Community Rewards Points
I'm a little more callous; if it hasn't been worn or used in one calendar year out it goes!!
Posted on 7/17/10 at 11:16 AM

Janet Gaeta

Staten Island, NY

278 Community Rewards Points
If we haven't used it or worn it  in a few years get rid of it.  Try to stop people from giving us stuff they no longer want.
Posted on 7/17/10 at 2:22 AM

Debra Derr

Patoka, IN

125 Community Rewards Points

1. Can I sell it on ebay?

2. Can someone else use it, if so I give it to them.

3. If 1 or 2 doesn't apply, I recycle or toss it.

Posted on 7/05/10 at 7:02 PM
Located on the white label above, usually on the back of the machine.

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