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Share your Potty training nightmare stories

Posted on 9/26/11 at 3:45 PM By Tami Mooney | 0 Replies

I have two kids, a daughter, 5 and my son, 3. Potty training my daughter was quick and easy. My son on the other hand... well... was not so much. We use the training underwear, so we do get messes which is why we invested in the Bissell. While training my son, we had to invest in the larger model, pro-heat X2 pet, because he made HUGE messes. He refused to use the potty, and decided to use his pee in retaliation. When ever we would send him to time out, or tell him it was time for nap, he would find a spot to pee on. Not fun for us.

After we finally tackled the urination problem, we thought we were free and clear... until he discovered he can make his own "paint". We would wake up to countless days of his plastered homemade "paint" on the walls, carpet and all over toys and furniture. Thankfully, we had our handy dandy trusted Bissell with the handheld attachment.

Potty training taught me alot about kids, and cleaning. I learned out to get the worst stains out, and how laugh at the most frustrating situations. What experiences have you had during the frustration of potty training?

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