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PowerForce Turbo Vacuum

Posted on 3/21/11 at 1:55 PM By Shannon | 2 Replies

Don't buy one!  I got this as a gift right before Christmas last year and it its the absolute worst vacuum I have EVER owned.  I had a Hoover Upright that was 20 years old that picked up like a champ.  I thought I was upgrading so I got rid of my Hoover.  I wish I hadn't!

I have to run over something 2 - 3 times BEFORE it picks up.  Then, when it finally does, it kicks it back out at me from behind!  

I called and emailed, and the first person I spoke with wanted me to load up the vacuum, and drive it 2 hours away from me to their service center!  Are you kidding me?!  I then asked to talk to a supervisor, and she ran through a quick <i>"trouble shooting"</i> process.  No, the hoses aren't clogged, and yes, the filters are clean.  She then offered to send me a label so I can send in this hunk of junk, and they can replace it with a <i>"like new"</i> vacuum just like it.  Are you kidding me?!  Your offer is to send me a used vacuum cleaner?  Wow.  What terrible customer service.

I offered to send this back to them, and have them send me a BISSELL gift card for the amount I paid for this, and I would (reluctantly) purchase another BISSELL product, only better.  Nope, they wouldn't budge.  So, I'm stuck with this piece of trash.

I will NEVER purchase another BISSELL product as long as I live!  And, I will warn my friends and family to never purchase one.  This has been a headache from DAY 1!

Lousy products + lousy customer service = UNHAPPY people!




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Valerie Rascoe

norfolk, VA

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Why would you ask them to send you a gift card for the amount you paid for it? You said you received it as a gift. 
I had a Eureka Altima bagless vacuum before I bought the PowerForce Turbo by Bissell. It's comparable to the Eureka I had, but for the value nothing will ever come close to matching it.

I have a husband, 2 teenagers and a yellow lab (which stays inside most of the time). So far the Bissell has worked just fine getting up the dog hair and the dirt that's tracked into the house. 

It's very possible that the particular model you received as a gift was faulty. 
Posted on 8/15/11 at 7:00 PM

Mark Tisler

Coleman, WI

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It isn't that Bissell is junk.  You bought a piece of junk from WalMart.  Bissell makes that model only for walmart, which means it is cheaper and that is typical walmart.  If you buy a real one I think you would be better off.  Walmart is just a terrible store.
Posted on 3/23/11 at 9:26 AM
Located on the white label above, usually on the back of the machine.

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