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John Kopitske

Hortonville, WI

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What is the best way to clean windows?

Posted on 6/03/10 at 10:24 PM By John Kopitske | 10 Replies

How about some suggestions for streak free windows. Products and techniques please.

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San Jose, CA

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Well, newspaper is the best way to keep it clean with Windex<font color="#333333" face="ProximaNova-Regular, Lucida Sans Unicode, sans-serif"><span style="font-size: 14px; line-height: 15px;">. It's pretty easy to do a job.</span></font>
Posted on 8/22/13 at 6:27 PM

Marcia Pomranka

Coldwater, MI

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same thing that others have said window cleaner and news paper
Posted on 9/05/10 at 8:17 PM

elyon jagroop

stevenson ranch, CA

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News paper and windex or microfiber and water no streak every time.
Posted on 8/31/10 at 7:15 PM

christina jenkins

san angelo, TX

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plain water and a microfiber the kind u use to clean reading glasses...washable..and on almost any grime...
Posted on 8/27/10 at 3:20 AM


New Lenox, IL

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My husband used the same blue stuff (don't have any at this time, so I can't tell you what it's called...he used it all on the windows) that we use to wash the cars for the house windows.  He figured if it worked on the car & car windows so well, why not try it on the house windows.  He raved about how clean and streak free the windows turned out.
Posted on 8/26/10 at 11:09 AM

Jane Winston

Bethesda, MD

106 Community Rewards Points
I agree completely with the pro tools comment.  Nothing beats a quality squeegie.  I even have a short squeegie (about 4 inches long) that I use for the insides of car windows -- works great.
Posted on 8/25/10 at 10:22 AM

melissa sheffield

Mobile, AL

225 Community Rewards Points
Newspaper to clean it and Windex as the cleaner!
Posted on 7/26/10 at 2:56 PM

Mark Tisler

Coleman, WI

2,330 Community Rewards Points
Buy Sparkle window cleaner from Menards and use descent quality paper towel.
Posted on 7/19/10 at 10:43 PM

Michelle Myers

Saint Louis, MO

931 Community Rewards Points
I bought a the mop and squeege that the professional use.  You can find them at any hardaware store.  You use the mop to scrub the window and the squeege to wipe off.  Use a towel to go around the edges after using squeege.  I use a bucket of water with a few drops of dish washing liquid.  Some people also add rubbing alcohol.  Never do windows with the sun shining on them.  The sun dries the liquid too fast and wiil leave streaks.
Posted on 7/08/10 at 5:28 PM

Greg Weaver

East Berlin, PA

379 Community Rewards Points

Vinegar and ammonia, and use newspaper to wipe.  Learned that in the Army--it's lint free, doesn't leave streaks, and makes your 1st Sergeant happy.

Posted on 6/09/10 at 9:11 AM
Located on the white label above, usually on the back of the machine.

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